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i have arabic exam tomorrow but i really do not like this subject. too hard.?

i am from iran we have final exams these days today we had chemistry it was great ! but i am really worry about arabic i dunno what to do? i think it is really more difficult than english especially the grammer. please tell me what to do?

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    oh i'm sorry for that

    i'm an arab and arabic is my mother tongue, and i still find it difficult.

    it is one of the most difficult languages in the world.

    nobody can tell you what to do, all u have to do is study hard, and pray.


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    if you speak the language and dont have any negative thoughts against it then it is possible to learn and do better. I am currently in my 3rd year taking college courses. My first semester during midterm, I received an 'F' in psychology which I was majoring in. I studied so hard that I got sick so many times but never miss a day of instruction and never gave up studying. By the end of semester I received an "A".

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    I pray that God will honor this request as you greater effective your self. I pray He brings all the suited suited solutions to rememberance so which you no longer in simple terms pass it, yet make no errors. And this may well be so solid, that others that could attempt corruption, won't actually have a wager. †Prayer Warrior At Your Request†

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    Study well.. it is so easy

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