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What ice thickness is required to skate on a lake if you weigh 100 kg?

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    The required minimum thickness of 'clear' ice (unlike 'white ice', which has many trapped bubbles) for one person on skates is 2 inches, provided there isn't any water flowing underneath the ice.

    The material properties (ice in this case) may depend on its origin and history, so its always better to test its sturdiness first. Also, this answer is for a moving load (person on skates)...for a stationary load, the thickness of ice required would be greater.

    Thus, while its important to know what the thickness of ice required is, its also important to know what kind of ice, load and other factors (eg. does a warm water current merge with this stream locally thinning the ice nearby?) are involved, so that the first piece of info can be used reliably.

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