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How can I ask Yahoo a question directly, regarding a technical issue?


I was in R&S, and I answered a question. I was very pleased with my answer. I hit the preview button, and it took me to a screen that told me my session had expired and I had to re-enter my pass word. I re-entered my pass word and clicked the continue button, and it took me to a page that gave me several options, like go back to the question and go back to Q&A, etc. But I could not get back to the answer I wrote. I did not want to lose what I wrote and I am furious that this happened. How can I prevent this happening in the future. I am the only one who uses this computer and there is no reason why I should ever have to re-enter my pass word and ever lose anything I wrote because of it. I am also angry because I don't know of anyway to contact Yahoo directly when I have a problem like this. Is anyone even going to see this question?

Update 2:

I tried that, and the answers weren't even close to answering my question. I need to be able to email an actual person. But thanks.

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    Hi there...Yahoo Answers is still in it's infancy and there are glitches such as the one you've noted and I've encountered this annoying glitch as well many times. The Yahoo Answers Team is well aware of this, however I am sure their programmers are dealing with it including other glitches. The only way to direct attention regarding this issue is through the Yahoo Message Board, which the Yahoo Answers Team does read daily and address if necessary.

    Source(s): ATDEC
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    You could go to the Answers Forum and post your question there. The forum is only for Yahoo Answers and they don't cover other areas of Yahoo like groups.

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    go to the Q & A forum and post your question.

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