can drinking coffee make you gain weight?

I usually put in a little bit of creamer sometimes powder plain creamer, sometimes the liquid coffeemate flavored stuff. I do not use a lot. I drink coffee with some milk at times, I just cannot stand it plain but I hate plain sugar in it. Any suggestions? Anyone heard of gaining weight from coffee (excluding venti Starbucks calorie filled drinks because I don't drink those) ?

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    A few times I spent money at Starbucks almost $5.00 for a half a cup of foam,for a cappacino. That was ridiculous.,sometimes a quarter of the cup was actually liquid that I could drink.

    I use International Vannila creamer ,no sugar,it is sweet enough with the creamer,so I try to tell myself that I am saving calories by not using sugar,but the creamer I am sure is filled with many calories.

    Coffee actually has benifits such as cancer protective properties,and it increases the metabolism giving you energy which actually burns calories.

    Also chocolate is actually made from a coffee bean also.

    I am going for my second cup now :)

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    It is certainly possible to gain weight drinking coffee if you fill it with sugar and creamer, especially if you drink several coffees without thinking about it.

    I don't like black coffee either. I usually take mine with milk and artificial sweetener to reduce the calories. Someone made a mistake and brought it to me once with two creams instead of milk and it was delicious... But switch anyway; after a few weeks, you will forget the difference. You should know that the Coffeemate stuff is probably worse that cream, since it also includes sweeteners and artificial flavors.

    But there is one upside to coffee. Like green tea and black tea, coffee has stimulants that actually help give your metabolism a little boost. It can actually be an aid to weight loss (if you are not overriding it with calories from cream and sugar).

    Good luck!

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    Okay so this is rreeaallllyy bad but I'm just being honest...I am a caffeine junky and I actually have used coffee to LOSE weight. It is a diuretic (I probably spelled that wrong) and as you've probably noticed you'll piss out (for lack of a better term) a lot of your water weight. You'll immediately drop that way plus I'm not sure about other people or if these effects are psychosomatic but I have noticed that coffee is also an appetite suppressant and (obviously) a stimulant which equals more movement and less intake and that is the BEST way I've found to lose weight. The only way I can see you gaining is (as you said) if you are drinking "Starbucks calorie filled drinks".

    P.S. Yes, I have lost with coffee, but keep in mind I also drink it STRONG and black.

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    If you're okay with Splenda-containing products, there are flavored syrups made with Splenda (some are sold at WalMart in the coffee aisle - others at coffee houses all over the place - it's what they use there) and also powdered creamers made with Splenda (CoffeeMate makes a Hazelnut and a French Vanilla that have about 30 calories per tablespoon)

    The ones I use are Torani Sugar Free syrups and if you go here and scroll down you'll see a large selection of flavors: This site sells them cheaper, but you must buy by the case.

    You can read more about them and buy them individually at a slightly higher price here: We have a coffee shop near me that sells most of them...

    My favorite coffee place is actually the one in the lobby of our local hospital. I go there and order a Caramel Coffee, sugar free, skim milk, lowfat whipped cream on top. I call it my "cheat" but the lady always points out to me that it's not really cheating and that the whole thing probably has about 15 calories in it - lol

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    RE: Can drinking coffee make you gain weight? Does drinking four-eight cups of espresso a day at work make a contribution to overall weight acquire? Are there any stipulations to this with a view to lessen the risk of weight reap (i.E. Drinking your coffee black rather of including cream or sugar)?

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    The coffee itself will not but if you add other things like cream, milk, sugar and stuff, they have calories and of course you know what happens if you consume too many of those.

    I found some interesting facts about coffee. Did you know people use to eat the coffee beans. Check out this article on this site.

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    Not black coffee with no sugar added. But if you add cream and sugar then it could probably could add calories if you have enough. Just a couple of cups per day probably is not doing it. What else are you eating/drinking? It's probably a combo of everything. Go to this wesite and look up the calories in your day and see if you are getting too many.

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    Coffee alone has 0 calories. It's all in what you add to it. Weight watchers who want minimal calories and maximum flavor should add non-fat creamer or skim milk and may consider sugar substitues such as Splenda or Equal. Good luck!

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    It depends on what you put in it. Alone, coffee has no calories. Artificial sweetners such as equal, the pink stuff, and splenda add no calories. Now, if you're going to use regular sugar, creamer, alcohol, egg nogg, etc. in your coffee, then of course you're adding calories which eventually break down into fat.

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    If you leave out the sugar and only us a little bit of cream you will not gain weight from drinking coffee.

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