this question is for the ladies out there. what do a girl means when she says she is high maintenance ?

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    Hi s 374!!!

    Honey, unless you have a lot of money to spend and to give away, I suggest look the other way!!!

    Last time I checked, High maintenance, is someone that isn't likely to have anything to do with a "blue collar" guy. This means that a girls that calls herself high maintenance likes expensive gifts, and demands a glamorous life!!!

    Money, men!!! They don't care if the men love them or not, or if they have any other partners. They only care about what the can benefit financially speaking from them.

    They like expensive, nice cars, real jewlery, trips, name brand shoes and clothes, often they don't cook, they love to be taken out to dine at fine Restaurants.

    Also I heard of this term for girls, that act like the

    "nice girl next door", but actually has a lot of clients for boyfriends, where they can charge each time this men want entertainment. And they will not charge cheap!!!

    So I suggest you take a good look at this one, try to see what's going on with her, learn from this experience, and TAKE off. Because as soon as the man doesn't comply with her demands, she will make sure NOT to see him again!!!

    They are sort of independent small business, that makes good profits!!!

    NOT GOOD!!!



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    It means she is into herself. She probably wears a lot of makeup, buys pricey designer clothing, goes to expensive restaurants, etc. and/or she expects a lot of attention from people all the time.


    When I call someone "high maintenance," sometimes I mean that they are often dumping their emotional baggage on me, and I find it exhausting to sit there and listen to nothing but a long list of complaints about so & so and this & that...going BEYOND what most people need when they are having a bad day/week. Often, the person doesn't seem to want to hear your input. They just want to wallow in their self pity and have you do the same. So high maintenance = person wallowing in self-pity and dragging you into it time and again.

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    Generally high maintenance means that they spend a lot of money to keep themselves up. For example, they may get their hair, nails and toes done every week. They may get massages or other body treatments on a regular basis that cost a lot of money. Also that could mean that they do a lot of shopping for new outfits and jewelry. Basically be prepared for her to be looking at you to pay for some of her maintenance.

  • J.M.C
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    High maintenance means this broad wants it all. They want constant attention, lots of presents, like the finer things in life, like to be coddled and are, in a nutshell, not worth the effort to keep em or in simple terms, a real pain n the A - -.

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    Speaking from being high maintenance, it means enjoying the finer things in life and working hard to achieve and have those things. Simply means you enjoy a nice home, nice car, and to go on exotic vacations, and yes we do like to pamper ourselves. I am not a needy person, and I don't look for someone to support my lifestyle, I support my own. But...when looking for a relationship, you want someone that can contribute and share your type of lifestyle.

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    A superficial and material girl that have so low esteem that she need to be pretty all the time to get someone to take her out to an expensive restaurant without asking for too many of her

  • mandi
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    4 years ago

    i don't believe of it truly is a rumor spread by as you call "lazy ugly chicks"; i imagine maximum adult men have become drained of relationship extreme upkeep women really to ascertain they're hollow, ineffective, and many cases insecure. they prefer someone who's strong, all the way down to earth, and carefree. a lady who's way less in all likelihood to care about conserving with the present fads (yet not inevitably trend-a lot less or ugly) is the kind of female who i understand maximum adult men might want to desire thus far because it shows that there are extra significant aspirations in this female than merely searching adult men. Plus some adult men might want to like thus far a extreme-upkeep female for a lengthy time period yet quite they'd favor to cool down with someone extra sturdy; someone who they don't ought to divorce later because of thoughts-set issues, spending addictions, and different drama appropriate with those hollow women.

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    It means that she requires a lot of time and attention. She needs a lot of time to look her best, pampering herself and such. Usually, likes the best of everything. Also, she requires a lot of attention from her significant other.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this means that she requires a lot of attention: pampering her, pleasing her, giving her (expensive) gifts...and maybe she takes a lot of time getting dressed...(for a date). if i were you, i'd avoid this kind of girl unless she has an immediately saving quality to her personality.

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    She means she'll expect you to call her a lot and give her a lot of attention.

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