Dreaming and Pregnancy?

Has anyone else had vivid dreams while pregnant? If so, please share.

Last night I dreamt I took a HPT that was positive and woke up rubbing my belly..lol. Last month I dreamt of holding a baby that was my own (I have no children). Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks.


It is very unlike me to dream anything as I work night shift and am lucky to get more than 4 hours of sleep per day.

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    I did too, vivid and weird!

    My first pregnancy I dreamt that I was standing in front of my mothers refridgerator. With my baby in my arms, upside down, I might add. I was bent over looking for something to eat, when I dropped the baby! In my dream I didn't care that I'd dropped him, he wasn't crying. I woke up bawling that I was such a bad mom, ha ha.

    My second pregnany, I dreamt that I was at a house that belonged to my sisters friends. It had started raining and the place was flooding. If we didn't get out now, we were all gonna drown. We were taking turns swinging from this rafter to jump outside, and of course, the pregnant chick goes last. Talk about weird!

    My last pregnancy, my husband was deployed to Iraq. (before anyone gets any ideas, I got pregnant while he was home on leave.) I dreamt over and over again that it was christmas morning and I kept getting babies from everyone as a gift! Probably didn't help I had twins last time!

    Happy New Year!

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  • Im 8 weeks pregnant and for some reason i have got it in my head im having a girl. Anyway 2 night in a row i dreamt that i was handed a baby girl but neither time i gave birth to her. My mum thinks my dream is telling me im not having a girl (like my dream but having a boy) looking forward to see if she is right.

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    Oh yeah! I still vividly remember some I had when I was pregnant and my kids are 20 & 18. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I dreamt I gave birth to a litter of kittens. Then when I was pregnant with my son, I dreamt he drowned. He was fine, but I've always been a little paranoid about him and water :)

    Often, these dreams are described as "anxiety dreams" and are considered to be our way of dealing with our worries and fears about being pregnant and parenting.

  • Yes I do have vivid dreams while pregnant (i am now 16 weeks with my 3rd child) - and I wake up not being able to "put the pieces together" lol - last night I had a dream about different family members...I cant understand it.

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    i had really really weird vivid dreams when i was pregnant - also when i used to drink a lot of Guinness (i didn't drink this when pregnant tho!!)

    i now have very bizarre dreams again (always in colour) but think it may be to do with my 'hormone release' coil??

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    According to my Dreamer's Dictionary, dreaming that you are pregnant means that it is time to put your plans into action. It is a symbol of new feelings, ideas, talents or behaviors (either yours or others) that want attention.

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    YYYEEESSS. Oh my. Weird or what i had so many strange strange dreams. i think its because all your senses are high. I am sorry for your loss and hope you get a baby for the new year!! And many more strange dreams.x

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    WOW yes i did, i had dreams that i had given birth and i had a choice to see what sex they were and 'i looked' shall we say on both occassions and saw that they were boys, hey presto i had boys!

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    it might be helpful if you check out the post about pregnancy in dreams


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