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fem, 35,low right pain in abdomen, comes and goes for 6 months, no fever,diarrhea,not pregnant,menses on time.

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    differential diagnosis,1;ovarian cyst2;chronic pevic inflammatory disease ,3;appendicitis(doesnt go with history)4;inflammatory bowel disease ,especially crohns5;pregnancy or ectopic most6;endometriosis7;fibroid,8;uti there is more but these r most common uti

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    I really do not want to scare you but my family has been dealing with abdominal sarcoma for the past two years. My teenage son was diagnosed with a rare aggressive cancer that presents as multiple masses within the abdominal cavity. In females the disease is often mistaken for Ovarian cancer.

    I only mention this because healthy young people can often go months before the cancer really takes a toll . . and by than it is a stage IV. Please, please go see your doctor for a complete evaluation. Abdominal sarcoma in young people is often asymptomatic with only vague symptoms like you have described. Take it seriously and call your physician.

    Source(s): Experience. Healthy 17 year old son diagnosed stage IV abdominal sarcoma.
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    ~I had pain like that and finally got an ultrasound at the hospital. They found that one of my ovaries had burst. By the time they got around to removing it, the other one burst as well.

    A piece of growth had fallen off behind the uterus so I had to see an Oncologist and have a Total Hysterectomy. Luckily it wasn't cancer.

    Good luck~

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    I would visit my GYN for a check up since the duration has been greater than 6 months. It could be any number of things and it never hurts to get is checked out.

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    could be anything from a pulled muscle or tendon to a tumour. Go see your MD and have an ultrasound examination of the abdomen done- fast, painless, and it will tell you all you want to know.

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    Hernia..? Appendicitis..?

    Woman, go consult with your doctor.. I am amazed you are still waiting..and to top it all, looking out for answers on Yahoo! Answers.

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    Why dont you just go to a doctor? How can you expect to get a proper diagnosis on Yahoo Answers?

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    It could be several things, don't ignore it any longer.

    Make a Dr. appointment.

    Good Luck.

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