39 weeks of pregnancy?

how long does it take for you to take an epidural during labor? what if you needed it and their not giving it to you?

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    I have had two children and am pregnant with my third -both kids I had epidural - if I didnt, my doctor or husband would have probably got stitches in the head! LOL Just kidding -but with my first, they gave it to me about 6 hours before labor and with my second, it was about 2 hours before labor. Just make sure you get there in plenty enough time -when you start having contractions, etc...

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    First question, it doesn't take long. They try not to do it DURING a contraction. It takes about 60 seconds to do. To speed things up be sure you're curving your back as much as possible. Grab a pillow and hug it, while bending over. Have someone stand in front of you, to hold your shoulders, but not so close that they're in your way.

    Second, what if you NEED it and can have it? If you ever need it, they'll give it to you. There are, however, circumstances where you would love to have it, and you can't. It happened to me with my first. It was because of my blood pressure. It used to be a rule that they didn't give it until you'd reached 4cm, thinking it would slow or even stop the labor. Nowadays, they'll sometimes give it before then. It can help a woman relax and let her body do the work. Some women just go too fast for an epiduaral, and they don't have time to get one.

    If you want one, ask for it. They would have to have a legitamate reason to deny it. Good luck!

    *note* SteveC says it takes 10 minutes? The longest part is waiting on the doctor to get there to go it. Once they're ready it takes no time. I've had three, and my longest one took maybe a minute and a half to get done.

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    Most hospitals require you to have all of your bloodwork done before they will order an epidural and depending on the doctor some require you to be 4 cm before they will order one unless you are a special case. Also the anestheseologist may take a while to come depending on how many patients they have before you.

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    In the old days, they usually wanted people to wait until they were 3 - 4 centimeters, but the methods have changed and now you can have it almost as soon as you get to the hospital - assuming that there is not a medical reason that you cannot have one.

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    If im not mistaken, you can get an epidural up till you're dialated to 8.... after that i dont think they'll give you one. the process takes about 10 minutes or so to administer.

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    go to www.babycenter.com they show vidoes on this and other things you may be wondering about. if its to late for an epidural they will at least give you some thing. good luck and congrats.

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    the only time you would really need it is if they had to do a csection. any other time its a want. you may not have a choice sometimes. if your blood pressure is to high or to low they may not give it to you. if you are to far along in your labor they wont give it to you.

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