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why wont my dog come in the house?

when my dog gets/goes out of the house without a leash she stays in the yard. but the only problem is that she wont come in the house when we tell her to. she stands there and when we try to go near her (ethier to get her in the house or just to pet her) she runs from us(im nice to her too.)

i would let her stay outside all the time but im just worried about something happening to her. i take her for walks and on a leash all the time

ive also tried having luring her in with treats... doesnt work

she does come in when we open the can of dog food...but i mean.. we cant be giving her a can of dog food everytime she comes in...

i dont want her going in the neighbors yard because im sure they dont like that and i dont want her going in the road...(we live on a dead end road but cars still go down every once and a while)but we also have lots of woods in the backyard i dont want her wondering and getting lost.

anyone know a trick or a way to get her in the house when we need her to?


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    You can try to condition the do gto come in the house by giving it some small treat everytime it comes to the house...

    now,.. if its only coming when the food is opened... get a hold of the dog,. and take it towards the house,. and when your in front of the door,.. offer a treat... make it so it must stay by the house to take it from you...

    after a few weeks, you shoudl simply be able to have the treat handy for he dog to come near you and by the house.... so then it would be time to go inside when the dog comes near the house,.. then the dog must follow you inside to ge the treat,..

    after a few weeks of this... you should be able to simply open the door, and produce the treat,. the dog should then come inside to get it...

    also give it a lot of attention when it does what you want,.... coax it witha friendly voice (you know,. good dog,. and all that) while hugging and petting it...

    it needs to associate its action with a positive reward for this to work

    Source(s): experience with dog training experimentation
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    I dont think it will work because it would have already marked its teritory outside so it will not like to come in.

  • try to give to him some food wich he like it nd put it into home i'm sure that it a effecase solution!!!

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