hey guys im sorry if i'm disturbing u'r privacy?

my daughter has just confessed 2 me that she has lost her virginity at the age of 13 i'm lost and dont know what i've done wrong, please help what should i do??????????????

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    Don't stress it. This is a decision she made on her own not thinking how it would affect her in the future. There's a couple things you can do.Start by taking her to the doctor and make sure she gets tested for everything. Have a talk to her without blowing up in her face so that she can trust you. So when something is wrong she could tell you. Make sure she gets on a birth control and knows about them. Tell her about all the STD and how easy she can caught one if she isn't careful. Tell her just because a guy says he loves her doesn't mean she has to sleep with him or if he say he has been tested and has nothing doesn't mean it the truth. Make sure that she always uses protection.This is the discussion me and my mom had and we are best friends.She always made me feel comfortable and she is someone I can always trust.Besides later she will regret it and realize that you were right.

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    DO NOT BLOW UP! She needs you to just listen and be a friend first. She needs to know that it's o.k to make mistakes and it's possible to bounce back. Don't shut her out or she'll shut you out and that's the last thing you need right now. Tell her about your experiences and tell her how you felt with the outcomes. Get personal with her.

    Please don't allow the world to teach her what a woman is. She needs you right now soooo bad.


    I wish my mom would have done just what I've suggested. The streets taught me and I screwed up big time but what my mom did teach us was to be strong no matter what and I now sit on a master's degree, married, two children, beautiful home and a dog. I'm 28 and I got pregnant when I was 19. My road was very hard!!

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    You have done nothing wrong and there is really nothing you can do but be there for her she just curiosity get the best of her just talk to her let her know you are not mad at her for what she did but let her know about STD's and aids and that she can get them if she doesn't use protection also take her to the doctor and get birth control for her but the worst thing is for you to let her think or fell that you are mad about it i know you may be upset and maybe mad as hell but if you show it to her she will most likely withdraw from telling you things like this if she told you this she must feel like its OK to confide in you and you want her to feel that way forever cause if not you may never find out anything you really need to know until its to late but hope everything works out for the best

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    pray she used a condom and give her a sex education book. Its society we live in, sex is everywhere, thes not much a parent can do to protect their children anymore. If i were u I would treat her like an adult, seeing as she thinks shes old enough for sex, and talk to her no holds barred about what she is doing. At least if she thinks u are approachable, she will find it easier to talk to you about what she does. Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    its nothing you did wrong that was a decision she made on her own, the best thing to do now is get her to the doctors and get her on birth control and tell her how important condom use is

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