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Is it true George Bush & Tony Blair set about Saddam b4 his death?

Ok i was told George & Tony set about Saddam b4 his death, reports say Tony Blair said to Saddam "Yeah your not so tough now beardy" then Tony swung a left hook and broke Saddam's jaw, George was said to have then had him in a headlock and then Tony shouting "ill show you nuclear weapons" b4 pulling down his £55 Marks & Spencers black trousers, Reports also suggest George had a Mach 3 turbo Razor while saying " Im gonna shave that wig on your chin!, They were then seen leaving the seen to attend a hearing.

is this true im confused?

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    Don't think that happened, both Bush and Blair likely wanted to be as far away from the actual hanging as possible.

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    this is been shown previous any doubt, that Iraq administration change into FINANCING terrorism by way of their oil income. some traced to Ben encumbered and different terrorist agencies. Any usa that helps the killing of electorate, even of their own territories, as Iraq did, honestly change into area of the photo of terror. for the period of any of our global wars, a usa might want to declare warfare on any they got here upon helping their enemy! In our day and age, it truly is honestly some Muslims who recommend that anybody it truly is not of their faith might want to die. there is also info that Iran is and has been helping terrorism by funds or perhaps some Liberals stated searching after that challenge! it truly is impressive as maximum Liberals are hostile to any Republican President on any warfare challenge! They make all a play for a vote and for politics no count number if the country or our human beings will struggle through for it. shall we propose that they don't look to be even American for some! So we received't call Bush a terrorists even as he's making an attempt to end it.. We ought to keep in thoughts, it truly is global and many countries have suffered from murders and kidnappings from those animals...Earl

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    yes that really happened, but Tony was arrested shortly after for some grafitti he wrote on a wall and George refused to put the bail up for him, claiming he'd never seen him before in his life and that he was just out and about on a pre New year shopping trip for pretzels. Cherie Blair collected him shortly after and he is now holidaying in Miami with the rest of the Blair family

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    I doubt it, that isn't really Bush and Blairs style - they'd have hired someone else to do anything like that. I think whoever told you this was just pulling your leg!

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    Im sorry, that is hilarious.

    But no, I dont think that happened.

    And saddam doesnt get his trousers from M&S, he has his own personal tailor.

  • Add it to the list of 20,345 conspiracy theories that have sprung up in the last 6 hours. Sure, why not? lol

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    You have a great imagination!!! you could problem make money being a fictional writer because you surely are not dumb enough to believe this!!!

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    You are not really so ignorant to believe such dribble, are you?

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    of course it did................ NOT

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