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what do you think the hanging of saddam hussein?is it rasional to do that?

why they dont hang the killers of millions innocent lives in iraq..??you know who i mean..

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    well...i have the same opinion.from my point of view hanging Saddam was just an non-human act, a way of the contemporary people to show themselves how narrow minded are.If we condemned Inquisition for what they have done a few centuries ago what should we say now about us?shame on them...killing a human being like he was an animal...a better punishment for him was the prison.He could stay in prison all his life but not hanging him.

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    Saddam was guilty of killing innocent people because they were in the same area as those who apposed him and tried to overpower him to make a better life for themselves and others. He had some of his own family members murdered. He was a ruthless killer of civilians. He was tried in his country by his peers. He was found guilty by his peers. He was executed by his peers.

    Some say he is a martyr.

    I say he is the devil and will rot in hell.

    God Bless America!!!!

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    Saddam was tried and convicted in an Iraqi court under Iraqi law; the sentence and carrying it out were a step of justice.

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    to FeRioN,

    Must be a Bush hater, hate Bush hate America. Hang all traitors.

    Saddam was The Butcher of Bagdad does that not say it all.

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    Saddam was a nasty man ..but he didn't have to be hung

    we could have kept him in prison for couple of years more ..he was 70 after all ...big mistake inhuman

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    It is not the act that matters, it is the justification.

    Thank our religions for having GOD give us an out!


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    i think it was right. he was doing many bad things and it was time to pay the price for it. it was even better that they settled it over in iraq. so their own people got to dicide his death.

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    Zarquwi is already dead.

    Hang him again?

  • Abu
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