How do learn how to do the splits?

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    It is definitely not something that will come easily. You will need to stretch your legs everyday. Take it easy at first though or you will definitely be sore over the next few days! Here are some stretches you can try.

    For splits (one leg in front and one leg behind you):

    ~ Sit with both legs straight out in front of you and feet together. Stretch out towards your feet as far as you can go. The goal here is to get your stomach to touch your legs, not to touch your toes with your fingertips. Try to keep your back striaght the whole time. Don't hunch over.

    ~ Sit with your right leg in front of you and your left leg bent, knee out to the side, behind you. Your left foot should be very close to, or touching your backside. Again, try to get your stomach as close to your leg as possible. Then switch sides to stretch the left leg out in the front.

    For Straddles(both legs out straight to either side of you):

    ~ Sit with feet apart as far as you can go while keeping your legs straight. Stretch over to right leg, then left holding for atleast eight seconds on each side. With this stretch you are still trying to get your stomach as close to your leg as possible. Then stretch over foward keeping your back straight. Your goal here is to eventually be able to lay over completely flat on the floor. It will come, just keep at it! :-)

    ~ This one sounds weird but it works. With your sneakers on, lay on your back on the floor or on your bed, with your backside touching the wall. Your legs should be straight up resting against the wall. Then slide your feet apart as far as you can. As you lay there, gravity will begin to slowly pull your feet down further because of the weight of your sneakers, and your muscles will begin to adapt. You can read a book while you're doing this to pass the time, because it does get a little uncomfortable.

    You should do a combination of all of these stretches daily but start with just a little bit at a time. As you become more flexible, you will be able to get down further and hold your stretches longer but it will probably take a few months. If your muscles are really sore, try sitting in a warm bath or better yet, a hot tub if you have one available to you. It will really help to relax the muscles.

    Don't give up. It will get easier after a few weeks if you keep at it, I promise! Good luck!

    Source(s): 19 years of formal Ballet training
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    Martial arts or yoga are very good ways to get really supple, try by starting to do box splits first till you feel it start to hurt then STOP, then try again and go a little further each time, do not rush it as you WILL damage your muscles, it will take weeks maybe months but keep at it,, remember always warm up and warm down your muscles.

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    Okay, what I did to learn how to do my splits was this:


    1. A jogged a bit to warm up my muscles and did ten jumping jacks. Warm muscles are more supple.

    2. I sat down with my legs straight in front of me together and reach toward my toes aiming to touch my nose to my knee and I hold it there for twenty seconds.

    3. I spread out my legs in a straddle split and reach out ahead of me and try to touch my nose to the floor. I hold this for thirty seconds.

    4. Then I go to a wall, and do a straddle sit with one of my legs in - my foot should be touching my inner thigh - and then a push up against the wall until I feel my leg stretching. I do this several times on each side.

    5. Then I stand up and do a few straddle lunges just as a precaution. Then I go back to the wall and push into the straddle split as far as I can go. Hold that for one minute, rest for thirty seconds, and then hold for another minute. Then I do a regular straddle split and go down as far as I can go without bouncing when holding my hands on chairs or tables and I hold for ten seconds.

    Right split (or this should be your weakest leg):

    1. I do right split lunges. My legs should be pretty supple, but it will be helpful to stretch some more. Then I get into a right front split, but I have my foot under my front, bottom thigh. I stretch backwards and pull my back back and then I stretch forward and touch my knee. Then I get up and do the split and hold for one minute, rest thirty, and then one minute again.

    2. I then hold on to the chairs/tables and I go as far as I possibly can go into my right split and hold there for ten seconds.

    Left split:

    Do exactly as you do in right, but do it with your left leg.

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    you need to practice. lol. but you have to do a couple of stretching first. i think you should go with the stretching for a few weeks then try doing it. slowly. keep on doing the stretching.

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    keep on doing the stretching

    it will take hardly two weeks

    It took one week for me

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    you have to stretch a lot if not you will pull a muscle and that hurts, and practice lots of it and you will be able to do it.

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    you need to exercise and get really supple !!

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