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What kind of oxialis do you have growing in your garden?

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    One of the nicest things about spring and fall is the return of Oxialis.

    Some of my favorites...

    OXIALIS hirta. many upright stems gradually fall over under weight of many bright rose-pink blooms. great for rock gardens & hanging baskrts.

    O. lasiandra, grown in clumps, cute 1 inch wide red flowers and blooms well all summer.

    O. cernua, tiny clusters of bright green leaves often spotted with brown. flowering stems rise above foliage reaching 1 foot high in spring and fall, topped with clusters of 1 inch bright yellow flowers.

    O. purpurea, bears 1-2 inch rose red flowers over a long period, spring and fall. The "GRAND DUCHESS" have larger flowers in pink, white or lavender. Beautiful.

    Grow as wild flowers in spring & fall from tiny corn like bulbs. Cool plants.

    Source(s): Garden Dok MS MG. Univ of Calif MASTER GARDENER
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