Our area does not have high speed internet access? Isn't there a law that carriers must provide it?

I've heard that if you get 50 households to sign up, the local provider must offer it. Urban myth?

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    Don't you worry there will be high speed access available to everyone in due time .

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    Not really. The FCC ruled that most carriers would be exempt from providing HS Internet if it was a financial hardship on the carrier. In rural areas, it is usually not cost effective because of the concentration of population. However, you could get a satellite service. They provide, at a considerable price, a high speed service.

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    There is no such USA wide law, mainly because the most common broadband, DSL, does not work when an end-user is more then about 18000 feet (wire length) from the telephone company central office.

    This is a technical limitation as the signal is just to weak to properly synchronize and the internet speed would be actually slower than plain old dial-up.

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    There is no law that I am aware of, however I heard that the Federal Government has promised States incentives to provide rural locations with high speed internet. Ya might wanna write a letter to your representative asking him if there is plans for the State to take advantage of those incentives.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have never heard of it, however you can talk to your States Public Service Office and ask them about it

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