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If I've completed deferred adjudication on a class A misdemeanor...?

would I be eligible for expungement of this record in Texas? I was arrested in October of 2005. Is there any time frame I would have to wait or would I be eligible NOW to have it expunged if I've completed all my terms, paid all my fines and the charge has been dismissed on deferred adjudication?

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    On an DANC(Deferred Acceptance of No Contest) or DAG (Deferred Acceptance of Guilty) plea, if you have completed your final POC, or Proof of Compliance, your case is dismissed with prejudice. This means they cannot retry you for this offense and it can be expunged from your record. What is required is a CERTIFIED copy of the dismissal from the Clerk of the Court to initiate the expungement. The time frame may be around two years.

    Source(s): Law Clerk-Criminal & Traffic Division
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    Contact the court clerk and ask them...they will tell you exactly what you need to know.

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