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Why Sadam Hussein was executed so quicky?

It took me by surprise that yesterday was the last day of his life, and I am a little shocked that everything occurred so fast, and in IRAQ people still use execution to penalize. I end up having pity on that guy even though he was evil and deserved punishment, but I don't agree with that form of execution.


but the U.S.A doesnt have to do with the way he was killed because that's part of the IRAQ customs I guess so that's their problem.

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    He wasn't executed that quickly by world standards. He was given a fair trial, and a sentencing. His sentence was announced in the beginning of November 2006 and he was executed about 6 weeks later. His appeals process was followed and the appeal was denied. The man was found guilty of not only murder, but crimes against humanity itself. They didn't even managed to try him for numerous other murders stemming from different incidents. Eye for an eye is part of Islamic law, so it to execute a murderer should come as no surprise to anyone. I have absolutely no pity for a man that cold-bloodedly ordered the genocide of the Kurdish people. A death sentence was the kindest thing they could do for him. If he were treated the way he treated others, including American prisoners of war, he would have been tortured for days on end in manners too graphic for description here. He had the fortune to be captured by one of the few nations that actually follows Geneva Convention rules. If you don't agree with that form of execution the good news is, unlike before, now you can move to Iraq, become a citizen and cast your vote in the next election to change it from hanging to something you might find better like beheading, firing squad, lethal injection etc.

    Source(s): A few other posts have come in while I answered and I take exception to some of the points. First off, the 4 day religious holiday of Eid, part of the Hajj, does not actually start until Sunday local time, and Saddam was hung before daybreak on Saturday. It is against religious law to execute someone on the holiday, which is why he wasn't. As far as the ignorant diatribe against our "allegedly" illegal invasion of Iraq... first off, Iraq started this in 1990 by invading Kuwait, then consistently violated sanctions and inspections stemming from their own "illegal" war. Since that basically violated the cease fire we had in place, we really didn't need any other justification than that to invade Iraq again and remove that regime. You can argue WMD, oil, and conspiracy theories till you are blue in the face, but the only thing we might be guilty of is justice delayed. Secondly, it takes a complete buffoon to put forth the notion that a government and constitution created by and voted for by the Iraqi people is a puppet government of the U.S. If it is a legitimate government, then any intelligent person would see that Saddam was tried and executed by his peers and fellow countrymen.
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    It does make you wonder why its allowed for Bush to invade a sovereign country, kill the leader and more people than saddam ever did, yet still be head of state. Especially enforcing rules on the Iraqi people and picking and choosing which laws he would accept.

    E.g. The US administration accepted they could invade sovereign countries against Iraqi law, but then accept Saddam to be tried in a country run by Americans?

    He should be on war crimes not saddam, who we all agree was a brutal dictator, but ruled as he NEEDED to.

    Im not a sympathiser to his form of governing, but the proof is it worked in a country divided and unstable. People have to realise that ruling is not a one size fits all democratic policy in the world.

    Now, the reason why i think it was so fast, was so that there was less time for Saddam loyalists and militia to prepare in order to disrupt or delay the execution. There will be trouble ahead directly aimed at the Government of Iraq and US embassies, but nothing of the sort had there been a "countdown" of when saddam were to be executed.

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    i think the government had to speed it up to move on. the iraqi people find it important that he be executed for the tyranny to formally end. im not saying all of them are saying that but at least their government is and so do their supporters in and out of the country. well, personally, i dont find any fault in that as long as it passed through the proper proceedings ie an iraqi court and he was found guilty for all his war crimes then he has to pay for it. we have no choice but to watch sadam be hanged. its in their constitution.

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    what's the component of killing Saddam? he will die certainly with the aid of himself in some years besides - probable in the past Bush and Blair expire. could no longer we learn some thing from history, alongside with Napoleon after Waterloo? The British government looked plenty smarter back then than that grotesque canines sitting in No. 10 in recent times. Killing Saddam does no longer make issues suitable for the canines and its proprietor, nor might it wash off their bloody paws and hands. it isn't any Hollywood action picture with pretend blood and pretend bullets. Please think of two times once you p.c. to assist the killing of yet yet another person. For whilst Saddam dies, thousands or perhaps thousands of harmless Iraqi civilians would be killed as nicely. Are your little toddlers going to be between them? might you care extra in the event that they have been uncovered to such probability? This conflict became started with out the permission from the United international locations. Saddam became in basic terms protecting his united states against the unlawful invaders whilst he became captured. he's a foul guy who killed his very own united states adult adult males; in spite of the undeniable fact that there is no info that he subsidized terrorism to harm america nor the united kingdom. Is Iraq extra helpful now than 4 yeas in the past? whilst the eastern Imperial military invaded China interior the 1930's, in addition they stated they had to "launch" China. They ended up killing extra chinese language civilians than the six million Jews killed with the aid of Hitler's S.S. Guards. Why the human beings did no longer execute the Empror of Japan whilst they captured Tokyo on the tip of international conflict 2?

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    I'm asking the same question.

    i think the timing of execution was't wright. do u know something its a festival day 4 some of the its very ridiculous that they have hanged him on same day.

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    He lived way too long and each day he drew breath into his lungs, he thought only of ways to kill more of his own people and the people that suround his people. Good riddance!

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    yea sweet im sad it was good thta he was captured. but i desagree the execution . totally hell is waiting for him but no need to kill him like that . in prison untill die it would been ok no se como se dice hubiera sido lo mejor kisses

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    because the wheels of justice turn quickly in Iraq

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    George W Bush, all on a sudden, realized that a living Saddam is a direct threat to the US security.

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    because Islamists (such as the government) think it is nice to give a bloody gift on Eid (muslim holiday) as always, you can see the car bombs, the bombs rangs everywhere, so does the execution.. each side wanna give his own bloody gift. before they slaughter sheeps, today they do both as matter of peace.

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