how can i cut down on my drinking?

I have been drinking way too much lately. Like half to a whole bottle of wine. I just have a hard time stopping, and I need the drink to unwind at the end of the day. I am only 23 and I don't want to be like this forever. I really want to cut down, not stop. I went to some aa meetings, but I really didn't like them.

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    Don't buy it


    Just go with it. Plenty of alchi's out there.

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    By drinking less.

    But seriously, if you reach the point where you're drinking 'just because', you've lost sight of why you should be drinking.

    I was in your shoes once. I was going to the pub twice a day, having 4 or 5 pints of ale each time. So I stopped drinking for a while--not with the intent to quit totally--and then gradually started to drink again, but just drinking for pleasure and not to get hammered (that was always difficult as I have a hight tolerance). I don't have 8 or 10 pints anymore when I go to the pub, just 2 or 3. And I enjoy it more now.

    Plus I'm not a fat bastard anymore!

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    Obviously everyone is different in the way they learn to drink. It is the same as how people learn to limit themselves. I know AA isn't the only way to live an alcohol free life, but it is the right thing for many people. If nothing else, maybe buy 1/2 bottles, so when you can't stop, there is less wine.

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    Although AA has been a resounding success, it is my experience that it is not for everyone, myself included. I drank heavily for over twenty years and thought that I never had a problem because: 1. I enjoyed it. 2. It didn't affect my work 3. It was my social life.

    For lots of reasons I began to desire change and like you thought I might try to reduce my habit. And I did, for a while. And then I was right back into it. I finally realized that to achieve my goal, I would have to totally abstain. I did it through changing my interests from using alcohol as a social prop to using activities to form social situations. I look for a sport, tried several and ended up fly fishing. I had always enjoyed it, but had never really pursued it and found that once I really got into it, it became a social life with friends and events that did not center on the bottle but eventually did include a (1) drink on occasion. I have continued. For me it was trading one addition for another. I have also used this strategy for quitting smoking, but I doubt that I will ever do it even occasionally again.

    I wish you the best of luck.

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    I commend you for recognizing this at an early age. I think one on of the keys is to determine why you are drinking. Is it for pleasure or to numb some pain which is happening in your life? If it is pleasure then find some other way to get enjoyment. In most cases it is the latter and we must work on our own lives to face the pain and deal with some issues we face. In order to cut down you probably need to have a desire to stop. Daily drinking can take control of your life and there are physiological addictions associated with alcohol. Try going every other day and then to weekends only and then try to stop. But first you must root out the cause and work on that. You may want to contact someone in your church and get an accountability partner to keep you on track. "As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend. " Proverbs 27:17.

    Source(s): Myself, my father and many people I have seen recover or die from alcohol addiction.
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    instead of having a glass of wine after work to unwind try going for a run or something that you enjoy and make that your routine instead of drinking. it is a learned behavior that becomes a habit like smoking, find an alternative and then the drinking may not be so prevalent in your mind. however as a disclaimer there are millions of people out there who have moderate to severe alcohol problems make sure you aren't one of them

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    Read & Heed the caring advice that preceeds my response. Some can drink in moderation, others simply cannot.....I know, i'm one of the latter (hey my NAME is BUD!!). Tho I can recount MANY wonderful experiences where alcohol was involved, if I'm honest with myself I can think of many, many problems in mu life created at least in part by alcohol.

    If AA isn't for you, seek the guidance of a friend who will be honest & open with you as you handle your growing desire for "just a little to relax"

    DO NOT wait until use of alcohol has negatively affected your: health,finances,insurance,relationships, or career.

    It's hard work, but you CAN do this!! Good luck!!

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    if you're that stressed, go run, workout or get a hobby, then at the end of the night if still tense, drink a wine spritzers, add sprite or some other clear soda, ice and wine,, it will help you drink it slower.

    check out the mens health magazine site or womens health magazine site, they hv many good tips for destressing and interesting articles in general.

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    Put down the bottle?! Do you think that there is some kind of magical solution? You have your own free will so stop drinking, simple as that!

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