Is there inexpensive software available that will monitor my Windows 2000 Internet port?

I'm looking for software that will tell me what processes are using my internet port during a session. If it can tell me more information than that, it would be great.

I will see my Internet port working feverishly while I'm not working and I'm wondering what is using it.

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    1 decade ago
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    I prefer

    They have a wonderful support forum for their software

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    1 decade ago

    I use the DiamondCS Port Explorer v2.100

    "Port Explorer is the premier port-to-process mapper, allowing you to see all the open ports on your system and what programs own them. Along with this ability it also has many tools including a packet sniffer, bandwidth throttling and country detection to name just a few. Port Explorer is a powerful network monitoring utility and has an intuitive GUI that allows you to quickly see all the network activity your computer is involved in. Thanks to the ease of use and small size, Port Explorer allows users to do advanced network activities, any time. Network security specialists, you need Port Explorer. Home users, ensure your internet security now with Port Explorer"

    Great stuff!!!

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    try using a fire wall. That will monitor all activity. I use Zonealarm and it seems to be good.

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