How do I go about getting my first cell phone? I am unaware of anything about them?

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    When phone shopping, there are a lot of things to ask yourself.

    Mobile phone users fall under four categories:

    1. The reluctant user. Someone who only uses their phone ocassionally.

    2. The life-er. Someone whose life evolves around the phone. It is their everything.

    3. The indifferent user. Someone who uses their phone more than the reluctant user, but definitely not like a life-er.

    4. The kid. Someone who favors the ability of the phone.

    You can be a mixture of any. So, what user are you?

    Are you planning to use your phone a lot? Then you're going to need a phone with a long battery life and a plan (monthly service) that offers you a lot of 'minutes' for cheap.

    Are you planning to use your phone just for emergencies? Then you might not even need a plan or a very features-packed phone (no camera, music player, etc. just a phone). If you're using your phone just ocassionally (only a few minutes a month), then I would get a pre-paid phone. So you pay for however much time you want, and then go.

    Do you want your phone to have a lot of features? Now phones come with a pretty decent cameras (1.3 megapixel and up, the highest on a market right now is a 3 megapixel camera although many phone companies are slated to come out with 4 mps and up). There are also phones with music players, etc.

    If this is your first mobile and you're planning on using it daily, I would go with Cingular or T-Mobile because they give you room to "grow". I would get something basic and cheap, so you once you get the hang of it, you can easily move up the mobile ladder.

    Both Cingular and T-Mobile offers free phones when you sign up for their plans.

    I would look at the plans that the service companies you're interested in offers and compare them. See which one will best suit you.

    Service companies usually have little stores or kiosks set up. Malls usually have a few kiosks and stores. I would go to those and ask the people as well if you're still uncertain. Of course, there are also the websites:,,, etc.

    For you to have a mobile phone, there are two companies that work together to make it possible.

    First is the company that actually makes the phone: Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

    They only make the phone.

    Once you have a phone, you need service.

    Companies that offer service are T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon, etc.

    Service companies are where most people get their phones from, although there are third parties that only sell phones. And of course, there are service companies that have now started making their own phones, but I'm rattling on...

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    When I first inquired about my cell, I checked out several different places, verzion, cingular etc.

    First, make a list of reasons of how you will be using the cell.

    emergency, in place of a land line phone etc. and go from there.

    You will learn a lot from speaking to representatives from the

    different companies. also, remember the time period you contract to and the number of minutes. Don't sign anything, just get information. Think about it for a week, and you will make a

    good decision.

    good luck. . .

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    my opion is that u look at the pre-paid ones first and work it out from there

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