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Track names from Happy Feet..???

I need to know the music titles from the movie Happy Feet..

I know the songs titles but the music is great in the movie...

If you've seen it, i am intrested in the music from the scenes:

1-When they're passing through the blizzard, crossing to the forgiven shore...

2- When Mumble jumps off the ledge in the end, screaming "Adios Amigoes!!"

Thanx in advance...

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    uhh i don't remember those scenes but, here are a few songs i remember

    jump n move

    Boogie Wonderland _ sung by Britney Murphy

    shall we dance


    My Way - sung by Robin Williams

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    Jump & Move - Brand New Heavies. (I THINK).

    Do It Again - The Wondermints

    My Way (A Mi Manera) - Robin Williams

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