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I said Happy Kwanzaa to a black family in the hotel lobby?

Later, the father told me, that was disrespectful and racist.. Why?

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    Not all black people celebrate Kwanzaa. I would think it wouldn't be racist to say Happy Kwanzaa, but presumptuous, but then again I'm not black. Just remember you can't make everyone happy and with all this PC nonsense everywhere we are going to offend some group of people at some point, it's inevitable. However, also remember that when you assume something, you make and @ss of "u" and me.

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    Anyone living in the United States should expect to hear "Merry Christmas" in December. Even if the person is not Christian, he or she should not be offended because they live in a Christian country.

    On the other hand, Kwanzaa is not widely known or celebrated in the United States, so to say Happy Kwanzaa to someone you don't know makes it look like you only said it because they are black, which makes you look racist. It was disrespectful because you were treating them as outsiders (what makes you think they don't celebrate Christmas?)

    I usually stick to "Happy Holidays." It covers all religious and non-religious holidays, and doesn't offend anyone.

    Don't worry about it. Lesson learned.

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    Yes, not all black people celebrate Kwanzaa. But I do not understand why, as a society, we are so hypersensitive. Why can't we see the intent behind the gesture. So many people(of all backgrounds) look for the the rub, the negative. Rather than see the intent of a friendly gesture.

    I do not see the *disrespect*. My mother is Jewish, She has never been offended by someone saying "Merry Christmas". She accepts it as intened... a kind/friendly greeting.

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    The second answerer had it right, in my opinion.

    Black people are as diverse a group as white people in their experiences, opinions, and tastes. It was presumptuous of you to assume that that family celebrated Kwanzaa, but I'm sure your intentions were good.

    Just don't try so hard.

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  • it is just not a good idea to tell someone "Happy Kwanzaa" unless you know them and know for a fact that they celebrate it. telling a stranger "Happy Kwanzaa" is like saying to them "Hey, YOURE BLACK"

    black people don't even celebrate kwanzaa. its a holiday that got made up by the white man to try to give the african american community some kind of personal satisfaction, but the community simply finds it insulting. i don't know ANYONE who actually celebrates Kwanzaa. and it is a "holiday" that celebrates nothing religious and only the peoples' ethnic heritage and color of their skin, so holiday wishes from someone outside of the black community are often seen as rude and racist.

    its retarded, but that's the way it is

    my personal feelings are..... F*CK KWANZAA

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    Perhaps not racist, but presumptous. Not every Black person celebrates or even knows what Kwanzaa is. It's kinda like saying to a white person, "Happy St. Patrick's Day" without knowing if they are in fact, Irish.

    "Hello, "Have a nice day, or "Happy Holidays" are safer bets.

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    Because you automatically assumed just because they are black that they celebrate Kwanzaa. How do you know they are not Christians? Maybe Muslims or Atheists?

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    Because you assumed because they were black that they celebrated Kwanzaa.

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    i dont have a clue why they said this but at the end of the day if you didnt know what it meant why did you say it to them?

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    He's stupid

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