how to stop comparing myself?

i am 5`3, 101 lb. i know that my weight are healthy & normal for 15 years old. but other people seem to be so much thinner than me which make me can`t handle the thought of eating. i think i have a problem, what shold i do to stop being so stupid? i don`t want to feel like this any more

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    Good Morning,

    The first thing you need to realize is how wonderful you are. You are a beautiful and warm person. To coin a old phrase, you are a child of the universe. Consider for a moment, all of the people on this planet, forget the universe. If you must compare yourself, do it honestly. Look at the broad picture. Do you hurt others ? I don't think so. I would bet your a nice person. You are a beautiful person. Some times it helps to put it down on paper. Write down all the good points about yourself. Your weight is a very small part of who you are. What you do with your life is so much more important. Do you help others ? The same goes for your weight. If you must compare, try this, go to your local Wal Mart or any major chain store. Don't buy a thing, just look around. The average weight for your age group is way over where your at. Look at everything with your eyes wide open. You can always find people who are too thin and people who are too fat. Look at the people who are to fat and compare your self to them. Sadly we have people who hurt other people, people who are evil inside and can never change, just look at the news. Again look at everything, there is always good news, people helping people. Be at peace with yourself, look inside at the real you. I think you will like what you see.

    Your Friend David

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    From the movie Rocky Balboa:

    "The only respect worth having is self respect."

    You are on your way to becoming an adult.

    Chances are you are already a woman. i.e. producing eggs.

    They call it the awkward stage.

    In this over feed world it is nice to hear about a normal size young lady.

    You are luckier than most.

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    Whoa I have the same problem only I weigh quite a bit more and I'm 17 :D

    My weight is healthy and normal as well, but I'm around girls all the time who weigh a little more than you do, and yes, it bothers me, but I learned to deal with it like this....

    God made me the way I am for a reason. I'm perfect to Him, because He made me. So it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of me or what anyone else weighs, because in God's eyes I'm perfect! ^_^

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    Okay think positively...I am 12 and I am about 51...I weigh 125. and i know someone that is your age your height and weighs 140 lbs. just dont compare. Most people are so small because they starve themselves... you are the perfect weight for you. And those other people are built different and are differrent heights. god made us to be us and thats that. Have faith in yourself!

    Source(s): ive been through it before too
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    seek a guidance counselor and talk with him/her and explain. sometimes family helps but hearing it from someone else is good as well. ask the school nurse to sit in and go from there. take this seriously before, you do have a bigger problem than you think, you do. you are special (skinny)( anorexic) are (skeletons) most men do not want!!! ask a real man?

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    This is a mental illness...everyday, we r surrounded by the media: tv, celebrities, advertisement emphasising on being thin..

    maybe you would like to mingle with pple who feels positive about their body and image, regardless of being fat nor thin..share your views with helps..

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    awww! umm you could try and stop thnking about how others look and focus more on how you want to look and go for it!

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