People using internet to get a relationship.?

I found that myspace and this ask a question has caused harm to my relationship with my husband. He happens to be the unhappy one and makes me out to be the cannot stand person. Until you live in the persons place I would suggest not to say leave that person or such horblie things. For the sinlges have some dignaty and self respect and don't get involved with the one that are married.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    So sorry for your troubles. Good point but I am thinking that your advice will not sink in to some on here and also some on here are not into anything like that--but at least you have said it. Thank you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Excuse me but I hate to burst your bubble, but if you have a personal problem with your husband, you should leave the entire world out of it. It's actually YOUR HUSBAND who shouldn't be fooling around because he's already married. Yes, there are single people out there using the Internet to look for a relationship, while there's also MARRIED people out there using the Internet to deceive other people and make them believe that they're single when they're not. So instead of wasting your time fussing to us about your relationship problem with your husband, why don't you go seek professional help to save your marriage? You might also want to talk to him and ask him why he's doing such things behind your back.

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    There is no way that either of the websites have caused any harm to your marriage. The harm is already done or he wouldn't have been here or there in the first place. Your ability to accuse "anything" other than yourself is a very good indication that YOU indeed are a reason he is here. Its called a Narcissistic personality.

    And just because some of us are single, don't assume that we haven't been married and in his shoes before and could possibility be speaking from experience.

  • Jack P
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    1 decade ago

    I am always amused and sometimes annoyed by people who blame media and other inanimate things for their behavior, their problems , whether it be Yahoo Answers or TV or too much sugar.

    This sounds like a rant, albeit a badly spelled and short one.

    You and your husband would still have problems even if myspace and yahoo were not there. Before you get a lawyer and sue, maybe you should go to a marriage counselor and see if you can improve your relationship. I'll give you a clue: Start with yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The whole idea of this Yahoo Answers is for people to openly ask questions and hopefully get some decent answers. If your husband has a problem with it then it's not Yahoo Answers or myspace that is at fault.

    Maybe you're spending more time on the net than with him, that's why he's upset with you, not with the websites!

  • 1 decade ago

    browsing thru net is very common nowadays,it really contacts n connects people's hearts from all walks of life to have better understanding n care.i don't understand y ur spouse is so jealousy n misunderstanding.this makes me sad here indeed.the only thing u can do here is that,wait 4 some time to let him cool down,after one mth,u can raise the issue again to find out his's great if he's okay,otherwise u can forget about net forever.

    best wishes.

  • 1 decade ago

    was that a question? and then you go into a reprimand of those who have answered in a way that was not helpful.

    sounds to me like you have taken the answers from the general public as answers from licensed counselors.

    take caution when accepting the answers in the advice arena.

    and next time, make sure your question and your comments match a little better.

  • 1 decade ago

    Spoken like a true angry wife. Rightfully so. If some advises someone to leave a marriage it is wrong unless it is life threatening or abusive. Trouble in marriage is common how we deal with this trouble is not. You my dear lady are angry at your husband and probably feel like he never hears you when you try to talk to him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Any one that gets too wrapped up or tangled in the episodes that take place on the Internet definitely needs help ,,,,, They probably have several favorite soap operas they watch daily too lolol ,,,,,,

  • bill g
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a bit gullible to the "cybertalk " --- if you like ; but i cannot get my head around your " myspace " .?

    what are you looking for ? and why would;d you continue a relationship with someone you don't know ?

    desperate times require desperate measures --- leave it all behind ( the infatuation ) and enjoy life ---- and please ; please; --- get on with yours . ( you owe it to your own peace of mind )

    good luck and have as best you can a very happy new year .

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