Guild Wars Factions - Can a character made in Factions buy platemail armor and where?

I would like to know where can I buy platemail armor for my Factions warrior. I got both Prophecies and Factions but I only play Factions.

If you know the place where to buy it please say a way to get there!

thx in advance

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    Best resource is -- which gives you info on all of the armor for Warriors.

    Platemail armor (stuff that looks like platemail) in Factions is:

    Kurzick -- @ House zu Heltzer, requires Kurzick faction

    Kurzick Ascended (15k) -- Vasburg Armor, requires Kurzick faction

    Luxon -- @ Cavalon, requires Luxon faction

    Luxon Ascended (15k) -- @ Leviathan Pits, requires Luxon faction

    Canthan Ascended (15k) -- @ Divine Path

    For the Kurzick or Luxon faction, you have to complete the "Friend of the [luxons/kurzicks]" quest, and collect enough additional faction (or spend enough cash buying from players) to get the special crafting materials for both (Jadeite in the case of the Luxons, Amber in the case of the Kurzicks). In order to do either, you have to proceed far enough into the quests to open up the Luxon/Kurzick areas. Cavalon and House zu Heltzer are easy to get to; Leviathan Pits and Vasburg Armory take a little more work (but not much.)

    Getting the armor on the Divine Path is harder. You have to complete the Imperial Sanctum mission, which will dump you out in Divine Path. BUT you have to have all the crafting materials and money with you before you start the mission, so you can buy the armor when you get in there. Imperial Sanctum is the final mission in the game.

    You could also head over to Prophecies and go to Droknar's Forge, where you can buy three types of platemail-style armor: Wyvern's, Knight's and Platemail.

    Follow the link, it's got all the details on the locations, etc.

    Remember that "Ascended" armor just looks better; it's got the same defensive properties. And getting some of the rare materials for ascended armor can be really difficult (or expensive.)

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