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problems on the home front?

I asked a question earlier this week. My boyfriend went back and slept with his old girlfriend. What I did not metion was that I am an alcoholic. He had back surgery and I wasn't that nice. I figured If I couldn't drink then he didn't need to take his pain medication. I have been sick for a long time. Battling depression, bipolor disorder and alcoholism. So I really wasn't being myself. I haven't drank anything for a fee weeks and I am going to rehab. But my question is Was it ok for him to run back and sleep with his old girl friend. He seems to think it is just fine. I drove him to it. He really don't think is a big deal. But it hurts me badly. My alcoholism is a sickness. His is to me just an excuse to see this other person. What to do.

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    Seriously, dump him. He will continue using excuses to do what he wants.

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    No, it wasn't right. There is no excuse for cheating, ever. If he had a problem with your drinking, he should have discussed it with you first or told you he needed a break in the relationship, or told you he just wanted to end it completely. But the fact is, he did none of these things and slept with her while you were still a couple. No excuses.

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    Two wrongs don't make a right. But when you love a person you will forgive and move on with out bringing up the past. You need to work on getting youself on your feet and then deal more with your relationship. You have to love yourself before you love another person. I believe in God and put my life in hands. That is the only way to make it through life. Take care.

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    i think your right on target here. he wanted to use you as an excuse. there are many ways around problems like this in a relationship of any kind. if you can live with this or not is the real question hun! be careful because i feel he will sooner or later find another "reason" to be unfaithful in the future.

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    I would not mix alcoholism with bipolar. That could be dangerous and make you undesirable to be around. Your bipolar condition might be driving you to drink. I would see a doctor and take care of that situation first then your relationships will shape up. The man needs his meds...

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    He should run as far away from you as possible.

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