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Why so many Americans, including the so-called educated ..........?

1) have hardly been outside of America?

2) realise that the country's foreign policy is the real enemy of the American people?

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    True, many Americans have never been overseas, and this makes us naive to the world.

    Personally, I've been on five continents and I've lost track of how many countries I've visited. The biggest thing that I've learned is that the world isn't as different as we make it out to be. Everywhere I go, people are just like me.

    As for our country's foriegn policy, it is among the finest in the world. The US is the most generous nation on the planet in terms of what we give away, loans we guarentee, organizations we sponsor (such as the UN, NATO, WTO, etc.), and whenever there's a catastrophe anywhere in the world, the US bears the heaviest burden gladly (for example earthquakes in Iran, the tsunami in Indonesia, or ridding the world of dictators like Hitler, Hirohito, Saddam, Milosovich...)

    The world doesn't actually hate the US, by the way, they love us. If your only source of information is the media, you'll think the world is against us, but it's not really materially true. So many in a lot of countries want to come to the US to live or work or go to school, everyone watches our television and movies, everyone uses Microsoft Windows, drinks Coke, eats at McDonalds and wears Levis.

    In every country I've visited, I see a lot of people who admire me as an American, and I've never once seen anti-American sentiment or heard a comment. Of course I've never visited an Al Qaida camp, but I don't intend to any time soon.

    I'm sure it's out there somewhere, I just haven't seen it, and it's certainly not what the media makes it out to be.

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    great question!

    I'd like to make a few precisions for Joseph and Abu in particular, who claim to have a good picture of the world. Obviously they don't, and let me tell you why.

    First, you do not understand a culture by going on a 2 week trip abroad. Even living for 1 year with expats doesn't count. It takes time and real immersion into a culture to grasp it. I know because I have lived in the US for 5 years, and only after a couple of years did I start to grasp the culture. That's a fact, and until you experience it yourself, you don't know what you are talking about.

    The best proof that they don't know what they are talking about is stated by Joseph himself: he says "In every country I've visited, I see a lot of people who admire me as an American, and I've never once seen anti-American sentiment or heard a comment". Obviously your stays were very short and superficial.

    I know my own country well enough to say that a good 80% of the population have strong anti-american sentiments. I am pretty confident that I have a better idea of what my fellow countrymen think than you. And I live in a part of the world that's one of the least anti-american....

    Now, to people like mnvikes and likeablerabbit... I don't mean to be insulting, but you are the perfect example of stubborn arrogant americans who don't know jack and think they're so much better... for New year's, I wish you to open your eyes.... until then, your opinion is not worth much.


    1) true in general. but of course, they are exceptions.

    2) american foreign policy is not the only problem, but working on it should be part of any responsible solution.

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    2 bachelors and 1 MS (almost done). Am I educated enough for you? I've been to El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, France, Germany, Spain, China and Australia. What do you consider "hardly been outside of America"? I guess you're the ultimate judge of the uneducated.

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    Is it really necessary you leave you country if you don't need to or have the money?

    For thousands upon thousands of years most people lived, worked and died within the same 25 mile circle.

    Traveling is nice, but it is expensive. Especially crossing the oceans. Let the elected officials and embassadors do the work of the gov't.

    We are all the exact same animal, living in the same time, on the same planet, most of us just trying to get by, some of us doing ok, and other people want to take what we got cause it's easier than doing things the hard way.

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    1) its a big country and there is really no need to go to inferior countries like your's. and if you were half as educated as you think you are youd know that youre making a pretty dumb and invalid stereotype

    2) i agree that it is a little to aggressive, but passivism hasnt been all that successful in the past. and so do most other americans, i think bush's approval rating is only like 30% anymore. the only reason he was really reelected was that the democrats decided to pick a radical that everyone hates as their presedential canidate.

    and look at how world war 2 started. and look at the roman empire- when pax romana was in full swing they were one of the largest most powerful and successful empires in the history of civilization

    you retards that think americans know nothing about other culutures dont know half as much about american culture yourselves as you think you do, which basically just makes you a whiney hypocrite

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    To try, and answer your question, many Americans have been to other countries, and know of many cultures. If your referring to Iraq, it amazes me how the Iraqi people are self destructing. To sum it up in Percentages. It is not so called insurgents, or terrorist creating the problem, but in fact its the Average Iraqi.

    Look at the Iraqi colleges, Iraqi students, and Teachers are threatened killed murdered. Car bombs, Be headings, and murder is just an average everyday life, and this has been the culture there for hundreds of years. Look at an Iraqi the wrong way, and he will do his best to get revenge, so called Jihad.....Iraqi people have been suppressed, books have been burnt destroyed. The Iraqi people need to wake up, re-build their cities by working together.

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    I think they buy into the disinformation produced by the government, having lived and traveled extensively outside of the USA I have seen first hand how other people react to our policy of intervention in sovereign nations, and it isn't a pretty picture.

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    thrilling, you get disillusioned whilst somebody calls you Osama and you reside interior the airborne dirt and airborne dirt and dirt yet you assume different human beings to easily be cool with the undeniable fact which you have referred to as them ignorant? many persons are merely as smart as you yet you're saying "i'm merely knowledgeable in comparison to various you human beings". Sounds to me such as you're merely basic smug.

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    i really have no wishh to go anywhere but to stay here in The United States of America.And i consider myself very well there.

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    Not sure if I understand your question entirely.

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