Is there an alternative to world of warcraft?

ive played world of warcraft and its addicting but i dont feel like paying the 15 bucks monthly so keep playing the 10 day free trial and keep making new accounts. does anyone know any games that are good alternatives to WOW?

P.S. i don't like guildwars

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    Well you can pay for a longer membership to WoW for a reduced monthly fee. I think if you buy a years subscription it amounts to about $12 a month. That is still too much for me, I just pay around $5-7 bucks a month for a RuneScape membership. The game may not have as good graphics, but it is a very well balanced game, it has been out for a while and gets weekly updates.

    You can also have a house you can make, but some players need good graphics for a game to be playable. In my opinion, all it lacks is graphics. I prefer good gameplay over graphics so it doesn't bother me, and the longer you play the more addicting it becomes.

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    if you like wow but don't want to pay $15 play on a private server it's wow but with less people it's free and you can choose a server with a higher lower or the same xp rate as wow you can find private servers on

    it should tell you how to set it up there it may look hard to do but its fun in the end and its not that hard

    Source(s): i play on a private server
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    i dont know of any that are free. no good ones anyways. if you want to play a halfway decent MMORPG, you're going to pay a fee. that being said, i play final fantasy 11. its like an world of warcraft for advanced players.

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    Regnum on line. that's an surprising game and the folk who play are often fairly friendly besides. it truly is unfastened and relaxing! i grow to be captivated with it for a speedy whilst and that i are not getting why there is not greater human beings playing. the area i've got presented could provide you greater counsel than i could desire to! Watch the trailer, the proceed to the internet internet site!! satisfied gaming!!

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    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. You don't feel like paying for it? Then play single player games cause there is no replacement for WOW or guildwars.

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    NO, suck it up and dish out the 15 bucks

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