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why do we like music?

the simple answer is that we prefer it to other sounds because it has beat, rhythm, melody and so on.

but still, why do we like it?

i think it's in some way related to the brain recognising sounds that mimic the sounds we create internally.

the brain continually hears the sounds we make inside our bodies e.g. though the heartbeat, breathing, and all the other bodily systems.

i think that the brain likes music because it's a pleasant-sounding approximation of the all the 'music' we make ourselves all day every day.

also, if the brain in a small way perceives music as the sounds of 'life,' then perhaps the we like music because it's a reinforcement that we are not alone.

that could be why we enjoy music in social settings, too - it's a common bond of 'life' that brings people together.

what do u reckon?

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    It is a famous saying that music is an unknown phenomenon that explains other unknown phenomena.

    There are many symmetric entities ( with either temporal or spacial order arrays) which are pleasant to us to be discovered; music has a rather longitudinal system ( time dependent function) while a picture is more spacial.

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    Ur question can best be stated as : What is the evolutionary or survival benefit of music to us, so that we are 'programmed' to like it?

    Well, if you think in those terms, you can find that music as an art developed before proper languages developed. Music served as a means of social and group bonding for the ancient cavemen, when expressing comradarie through words and speeches was not possible.

    A group hunting together, eating together, and making music together was more likely to be socially bonded and stay together.

    It certainly had the evolutionary benefit. it still serves this purpose today. that's why we like music more when we are in a group of close-knit friends.

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    Helps people relax.

    Different music shows different personalities.

    Puts people to sleep.


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    hi ! i like classical music because when i am sad it relaxes me and i like jazz and rockandroll music because it energies me.

    Source(s): an iranian
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    they say music suits the beast

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