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Yahoo Answers points system?????

yahoo says it will reward you with their very own 'special thank you's ' when you reach a certain level on the yahoo answers... so what is it they are talking about? and what happens when you reach level 7???????

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    Hi there...usually a congratulatory email is all. Sometimes they will have offers for gifts depending on the level. In October if people registered they would get a Y!A keychain. In December for Yahoo Answer's 1st birthday they had different prizes for different levels: Level 7 was a fleece sweater, Level 6, 5, 4, 3 & 2 was for a baseball cap, mug, water bottle, sticker...etc. You have to check your "My Q&A" frequently to watch for the giveaways. They are however only available to USA citizens.

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    once I first have been given on Y/A, i became drawn to boost factors so i would not appear as if a beginner. once I appeared at solutions, solutions that got here from those with a extreme sort of things have been extra significant to me. for this reason, i became drawn to having extra advantageous than basically some factors. i don't spend too lots time on Y/A anymore. in actuality, the only reason i'm answering this question is on the encouragement of a 360 pal. once I do get on Y/A, I do check out the factor point of the guy asking the question. It does have which potential to me. Too many human beings on Y/A are actually not drawn to severe communicate. They bounce in, spew a gaggle of junk and bounce out while they make a fool of themself or attempt to make a fool of somebody they're harassing. Then evidently they convey a sparkling Yahoo profile and do a similar difficulty as quickly as extra. the factor equipment supplies us a clue as to who those persons are. i think of something needs to be achieved to limit people who're "new" to Y/A to stay away from them from asking or answering questions till they have shown themselves to be trouble-free approximately having severe communicate. in line with risk Yahoo shouldn't enable "newcomers" ask or answer extra advantageous than one question an afternoon. After 6 months, in the event that they're nevertheless around, then they are able to take part as an easily grownup. the factor equipment is incorrect. my own factor point is an validation of this yet till a mechanism is put in place that restricts human beings from bobbing up new Yahoo profiles and leaping onto Y/A basically to unfold venom and discourse, the factor equipment has some value. a minimum of to me it does.

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    IF you have a 360 page, you can put those notices there, but as far as getting a hearty "Congratulation" when you reach a level, it doesn;t happen, not even when you get to level seven, or cross over the 100,000 point plateau, or the 200,000 point plateau

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    I beleive they say you have bragging rights. Other than that nothing.

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