informations for my college project???

i m doin a college project on the different softwares that are widely used in different business firms.can anyone give the names of popular business softwares and where i can find informations about them.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well, i would think that companies don't all necessarily use the same software. different firms may use different accounting software, file-sharing software, etc..., not to mention the fact that some companies even create their own personal software for some business features. i think the safest thing to say would be that virtually every company in the word uses microsoft office or one of its programs; the corporate version of office is probably more common in businesses, but nontheless, programs like word and excel are very difficult to find a replacement for since they are close to perfect.

    just visit google for more info on the microsoft office package. as for other software, u also need to keep in mind that depending on the type of industry the company operates in, the existing programs would differ. for example, a marketing company that is involved in drawing otu preleminary versions of ads might need to have some sort of media software, possibly a photo-editing software such as adobe, and probably a flash program too such as macromedia. graphic design companies also have their own programs, and so on and so on. but i would say that microsoft office is almost definately a common software between all companies in all fields.

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