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plz help!!!?

my best frnd is stickin 2 this guy in my class and she's always sittin with him n i feel ignored. moreover these 2 are flirtin all d time n i don't like dat. i've already had a fight with this guy n am not talkin 2 him. both of dem r holdin hands n stuff n i'am feelin dat i'am losin my best frnd but i don't have enough courage to go up 2 her and tell her 2 stop doing this coz she has a hot head. so could u plz tell me how do i make her realize dat i don't want her to stick to dat guy sooooo much?????? even d guy's a big flirt but i doubt his character. i've told my frnd this but she sayz i'am wrong. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!

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    it's not going to get any better until you talk to your friend that's with this guy. she may not know that she's hurting you

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    If you aren't satisfied with the situation you are in then just simply leave ,,,,,, Weather you breathe or not doesn't depend on them ,,,, There are plenty of fish in the pond ,,, go fishing and find some one else that's fun and exciting to be with ,,,, What you have now is not a relationship at all ,,,, Find some one else ,,,,, they are out there and most of them come problem and trouble free ,,,, You don't need the crap you are getting now so let them know it by simply leaving without making excuses ,,,,, Let them figure it out as to why you left if they even care ,,,,, You need to wash your hands and get shed of them ,,,,,

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    well i think u gotta let ur frend do wat she wants. wen the times cums she'll realise that frends are more important than sum "fit" boy and she'll be the one that wil apologize to u

    dnt worry bout it.....it always happens wen girls find this special boy. it happened to me and i was right...he is the right one but my frends sed i was ignorin them.....now ive realised that i need my frends so we sorted things out and now every1s fine

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