Which sectors will be the top performers of 2007?

I personally think it will be Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunications.

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    One can make informed guesses about trends left by the year that is gone by viz., the year 2006.

    Information Technology and Enabled Services


    Banking and Insurance

    Real Estate and Construction

    Steel and Structurals

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    I haven't done very well with my alternative energy picks recently but if you think that global warming will be a big issue in 2007 then these are the stocks to invest in. Here is my top10traders portfolio, it has a few good alternative energy picks, like Vestas, Gamesa, Tower Tech, and Energy Conversion Devices:


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    It is not exactly a sector, but large cap investment grade stocks have performed terribly compared to the rest of the market for the past 5 years. They are about due for a catch up. Of course people have been saying this for the past 3 years without avail. But GE, HD, LOW, DELL, INTC, etc are all relatively selling at their historic lows on a pe basis. JNJ and MMM also. And the old saying still applies. "Buy low, sell high"

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    Nobody knows that but your preferred sectors have been having long reputation for good performance. Telecommunication sector rarely brings significant earnings surprises but is does not disappoint investors too often.

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