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what cleaning solution shall i use to clean my LCD monitor?

should i clean it with dry cloth or shall i clean it with a wet towel or shall i use a detergent if so what detergent shall i use

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    Use just a damp paper towel or something like that and keep your fingers off of it. Your mouse already has a pointer, you don't need to be pointing with your finger.

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    Cleaning Your LCD Screen

    The major computer outlet stores are now starting to carry LCD cleaners for Flat Panel Monitors and Notebooks that do not contain the chemicals found in some commercial glass cleaners. These cleaners will definitely do the job nicely, but you do have to purchase them. If you do not wish to purchase these factory made cleaners, then you can clean your LCD Screen in the following manner.

    What You Can Use


    Water with a tiny amount of soft liquid soap.

    Isopropyl Alcohol.


    Petroleum Benzine.

    Commercial glass cleaners that do not contain ammonia.

    What You Should Avoid



    Ethyl acid.

    Ethyl Alcohol.

    Methyl chloride.


    Commercial glass cleaners containing ammonia.

    How You Should Do It

    You should clean your LCD Screen display by applying the cleaner to a soft, clean cloth. Then you should wipe the cloth across the display from left to right, moving from the top of the display down to the bottom of the display. If your display contains grease or some other contaminant, then you should dampen your cloth with water instead of a commercial cleaner as the cleaner may smear the contaminants across the screen.

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    Clean it only occasionally and very gently with a cloth designed for cleaning spectacles. If it really does require something damp, use cleaner for spectacle lenses -- which is usually just water with a wetting agent to reduce surface tension and is designed to be safe for plastic lenses as well as glass. Don't soak the screen. The fluid can be bought from anywhere that sells glasses.

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    Yeah, the "video exhibit cleansing Fluid" stuff is costly. i offered some alcohol and ammonia-unfastened spray, alongside with a rag. it particularly works aswesome, ti does not smudge like windex, yet then I asked some men and that they instructed me to apply a 50% water/rubbing-alcohol (isopropyl) answer, and a stable gentle rag. Works in basic terms as wonderful, and alcohol evaporates without put off. i assume you will desire to truly in basic terms evade ammonia, and you need to not sparkling it with water on my own or windex. the difficulty with LCDs is they are layers of action picture, so as that they decide on some specific care. as nicely that, you may the two verify the owner's handbook or you may touch the business enterprise that made it.

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    use a slightly damp sponge..

    u dont need to use any solutions.. no one is going to smell ur monitor n say.. mmmm.. sweet!.. so dont go crazy over it..

    just wipe it with a sponge, n dry it with a towel..

    make sure no water leaks into it...dry it as much as u can with the towel.. n i mean a cloth towel, not a paper one.

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    turn off the monitor and use a damp cloth just damp it a bit then clean the screen . then use a dry cloth

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    you should use a dry cloth or if you need to use a wet one make sure it is for computers. as the ammonia in regular glass cleaner will eat the UV coating on the screen subjecting you to harmful rays.

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    i usually take mine into the bath tub with me.

    Source(s): then put it in the microwave for 20 to 30 mins on high
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