waters breaking?

i Know some of you may think this is a silly question, but i'm pregnant for the first time, and paranoid about everything lol. What i'm wondering is when your waters break, do you automaically begin having contractions, and is there a specific feeling you get when your waters are breaking? basically i'm worried that they could break when you go to the toilet or are in the bath and would there be any chance you wouldn't know??

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    First the easiest way to tell is smell. I know that sounds gross, but it's true. Amniotic fluid has a very particular smell. It's kind of icky sweet smell. You will certainly be able to tell it's not urine or bathwater. You don't always start having contractions as soon as your water breaks. If it were to happen in the tub, shower, or on the toliet, you might not notice, but your constantly wet panties will clue you in. Some women expreiance a gush, mine was more of a trickle the first time. The second time it was broke for me, because I was being induced and I wasn't having contractions. Once the doctor broke my water I started contracting immediately, every 2 minutes. My son was born 6 hours later. I'm not saying this is what will happen to you, everyone's different. If you're worried that your water broke and you didn't realize, I think the smell would be the best idicatior.

    Good luck! Happy New Year!

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    Try not to worry, you may even get contractions before your water breaks, and you should not be having a bath so late into the pregnancy, as to the feeling of when your waters break, you feel like you are going to the toilet and have no control what so ever. Good Luck and try not to worry, the less worried you are the easier the birth

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    You will know when it breaks, my contractions didnt speed up at all when that happend. I walked around dialated 4cm for a month before I had my first, so I guess my first birth was all screwed up....good luck

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    I don't know, but you best take care of my baby.

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