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should i follow my gut or listen to friends and family?

I have a boyfriend that I have been with for about two years. we met in high school in maryland, and he went off to college in north carolina the first year we were together. we are now both in college-- I am in MD and he is in NC. when i went off to school i broke up with him because it was a new experience and i didnt want to be tied down when i went to college. but about halfway through the semester, i decided to get back together with him. the moment i asked him if we wanted to get back together, i regretted it. in no way was it because he is bad person or a bad boyfriend... i love him. i think. i just have this gut feeling that he isnt the one and i kind of feel like im wasting my time. i want to break up with him, but i dont. i dont want to hurt him. but i feel sort of trapped. he is a little controlling, but its not that bad. i just dont know what to do. i want to break up with him, then i dont want to, then i love him, then i hate him, then whoknowswhat. i just need an outside opinion on the situation. all of my friends and family think he is the best thing ever to happen to me and how dare me even think of ending it. should i follow my gut or what? HELP!!!!!


but hes still my baby. weve gotten to be such good friends over the years and i dont want to lose that. my guy isnt very reliable.

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    well if you keep going back and forth you're going to burn the bridge and lose him forever. you hv to go with your gut or you'll wonder all of your life. if he loves you and you don't burn him, he'll be there if/when its meant to be and you get back together.

    if you decide to do your own thing, ask him if he's interested in anybody else and that you two shld use this college time to grow as individuals - if its mean to be then you'll get back together later. that its better to travel this road while in college in diff states than 2 yrs into a marriage. to cure all doubts since you both are young.

    do not do it because you think you can do better, do it because you aren't madly in love with him and are still attracted to other people. good luck.

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    Step back from the situation & clear your mind for a bit - you sound really confused & frazzled. You cannot make your life decisions based on what your family & friends think or say. Most of the time, your gut feeling is quite good in guiding you to the right choices.

    I think you need to be honest with yourself & with your boyfriend about excatly why you're even in the relationship at all.

    It's OK to be on your own for a while. Don't feel pressured into having a boyfriend just for the sake of having one. You're still very young. Chill out & enjoy life!

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    I'd say forget what your family and friends think. Go with your gut. but first really think about if what you say you want is really what you want. Its all up to you if you feel like you should leave him then leave him. Why are you going to stick around if its not what you really want? Who knows maybe you feel this way for a reason. Maybe your suppose to be with someone else. Or it might just be that your scared to think of the thought that this might be the guy you end up with. Whatever you choose to do make sure you won't regret it in the future

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    Dump him and concentrate on getting your education. If family and friends think he's so great, then they can go out with him.

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    Lose the zero and get yourself a hero.

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    Didn't read the whole story!! from ur subject i think u should listen to ur HEART!

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