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lexus lx470 transmission problem?

My LX470 died on the freeway yesterday. Engine was fine but the car wouldn't move. I pulled over and tried to restart it and put it back in D, but no dice, the engine just revved free. So I had it towed to my uncle's house and he said he had to push the thing back in the garage several times. Later in the week, he calls saying the car drives perfectly fine, shifts fine, etc. What could cause such a drastic change all of a sudden? PLEASE HELP!!

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    well one thing i can think of is that your linkage is bad. next time you run into that problem you put it in nutrul and then not to hard but with a lil force put it in drive and if that doesnt work wiggle it around in the drive slot then you should feel your car shift.. as i wrote this id check my trans fluid if its low that could be a reason and or it could be bad and if it has one, the shift button on your knob push that it might be sticking

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    Lexus Lx470 Problems

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    I own a transmission shop, and have seen this before. Check your fuses, as I'm sure you will find one that has blown. It may be on the same circuit as the brake lights. The computer is going into limp mode, and when it does the car won't move out of it's tracks. Once the switch was turned on and off for several times, the computer reset and worked fine. The computer controls your line pressure to your transmission. The best advice I could give you is to take it to a shop that is equipped to do the diagnostics, and can do a snap shot to located what took place when the fault happened. The control module for the transmission may be going bad, and even being low on fluid could cause the limp mode thing. One can guess to no end, but to pinpoint the problem you will have to have it hooked to a laptop or scan tool that can get into the data stream. This is the only way to find it, since it now works fine. It may never do it again, or it may do it right away. Have it checked out.

    Glad I could help you. Good Luck!!!

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