how do you download stuff(music,movies,music videos) on mIRC?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you need to find someone with an ftp server. they usuall have commands you type to access them. they will spam the access word in the room... usually something like !access or whatever. after that follow the directions in the DCC connection that opens. standard commands are:

    dir--opens directory

    cd--opens sub folders

    cd..--returns to previous folder

    get--downloads a file

    most ftp servers are based on a ratio... meaning you have to upload things before you can download. honestly, mIRC is a horrible place to download stuff. use limewire or bit torrent instead.

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    4 years ago

    hi! you need to use the you tube clip extractor! the thank you to do it? merely replica the URL of the stated website and paste it to the clip extractor then click acquire... and then after some seconds you could already watch it despite if u don't have an internet connection!!! with the aid of the way, extremely some the movies are in ".flv" format, which ability in case you do not have a software that can study such document, you could attempt finding for a "entire video participant", it relatively is a application that can study all varieties or format of a video...nicely i'm hoping TVP can study all of it! =P want you all the perfect... desire that I did a large help on your subject... GodSpeed.......

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    7 years ago


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