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How Can Any World Leader/American Liberal Condem Hanging Saddam After He Brutaly Extinguished 100s Of 1000s? their fasination/obession with George W. Bush that intense ? I am amazed at how many liberals are blinded by their own hatred. What do you think about the posted question ??

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    Charlooch - His accomplices were hung with him, but it's not the ones you name. It was the actual people that helped Saddam murder thousands of people. Liberals love to call for the executions of certain people and almost in the same breath condemn the death of brutal killers.

    Thanks for the history lesson. (sarcasm)

    Source(s): accomplice - a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrongdoing, often as a subordinate. asinine - foolish, unintelligent, or silly Charlooch - another condescending jerk without a valid point that tells people to learn history because they know they don't have any facts to back up their ridiculous claims. Is calling someone a moron and saying they watch Fox News all you have in your arsenal of insults? Stay in school youngster.
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    I believe your question requires 2 different explanations.

    The World - America bashing has become almost a sport on the world stage and it is disingenuous because while they profess to hate our actions we are the first place they look to whenever they need help. Write this off pure political maneuvering. It is fashionable to call America bad for all of our actions, but it is at best political claptrap designed to impress others in the world, rather than any form of honest critique.

    The Liberal Left - This is agenda driven. The left honestly dislike George Bush and will take any opportunity to bash him. This has been proved time and again by how quick they are to criticize any action. Take the war for example. They hate the war and have been spouting off about how we need a change of policy. The administration now appears to agree and is making moves in this direction. Now they are condemning the administration for considering the very action they have called for. You will not see any honesty in the realm of extreme partisan politics on either side because the agenda trumps all. For the left the agenda is Bush is bad. It really is just this simple.

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    I believe that he did deserve to die but his accomplices should hang with him. That would be Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 along with Rumsfeld and Cheney. They put him in power and did nothing back when the kurds were killed. It seems that his war crimes were ok when they happened. They only became a bullet point for the administration and Fox news as justification for the so-called war on terror.

    Abu - Please learn some history before making an asinine point. Also, get yourself a dictionary and learn the word accomplice. Lastly, I am a conservative republican....but first I am an American that studies facts not manufactured news for sheep like you. Wake up!

    P.S. Abu - From your answer once again you have shown what a fuc king moron you are and how much facts mean nothing to you.

    This is understandable as you probably have your head stuck up Hannity's or Limbaugh's as s.

    Saddam Hussein was brought into power by the CIA, supplied with nerve gas by one Donald Rumsfeld who was even photographed shaking hands with him, backed to the hilt in his war against Iran by Ronald Reagan for eight years and given the go-ahead to invade Kuwait by one April Glaspie.

    There are your facts ABU - My source is below. But again I would not expect a moron like you to do any real investigating into truth. That would be too difficult for blind sheep like you.

    Source(s): National Security Archives
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    How cannot any world leader condem the stealing of oil and killing of innocent people in Iraq by Bush and his gang?

    They should condem Bush and his moves and stop the civil war in Iraq.

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    how can they. its real easy for them they don't care about facts .only their power .if a liberal was in office they would rejoice that he was hanged we bombed innocent people in bosia but heard nothing from the left so many democrats said Saddam had wmds in 98 but how quickly they forgot how many soldiers did in the Clinton's white house just to cut and run. we bombed China's embassy and a aspirin factory where was the out cry from the left or the media

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