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I want to move to Japan!?

I plan to move to Japan in a few years after I finish my nursing degree. I havent been there yet but I think I will check out the place before I jump into things. I studied Japanese all through primary school but I only know Hiragana and a few phrases. I dont know anyone over there. I want to work as either a nurse or an english teacher is there a way of making my dream a reality?

p.s I am a Half-Filipino Australian girl. Will they think it is weird that I look asian but dont understand them or their customs, worse still will they think I am rude? The last thing I want to do is offend someone.

If anyone has anything to say that will help me out or would just like to tell me past experiances in Japan I would really appreciate it.


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    Unless you speak and read fluent Japanese, you will not be able to find work in the medical profession in Japan. You would have to pass all of their nursing exams in Japanese, so you would have to read hiragama, katakana and kanji (at least 2000 characters to be considered "literate" by Japanese standards).

    You will have an easier time trying to teach English since the primary requirement is a college degree. Contact an education company, such as NOVA and they will be able to get you started on the application process. Just expect that there is a ton of competition for these jobs and the pay, while you can live on it, isn't spectacular and you won't have a whole lot of say over where you are assigned to teach.

    Your ethnicity won't be a huge issue since by Japanese standards they will only see you as a gaijin. In Japan, there are a number of guest workers of other Asian heritages, and if you are not native Japanese, they certainly will not expect you to understand their customs. Just try to speak some of the language, be polite and you won't have any problems.

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    There's no reason you couldn't enter into some international nurses' exchange program. Different organizations around the world (I'm guessing hospitals) exchange personnel and research for various purposes.

    Don't worry about offending the Japanese. You're already classed as a gaijin anyway in their eyes, so just be as polite as they are to you. But you need to learn the language!! At least three or four semesters of college course before living over there on a semi permanent basis (unless you're entering foreign exchange). Simply knowing some phrases and kana won't get you anywhere.

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    If you want to teach English, you'll need to know more than a few phrases in Japanese. It's the same for any profession, really; you can't take or give orders if you've got a language barrier. I'd suggest taking a few more extensive courses in the language before you make your attempt.

    Japanese culture is very formal. You'll be thought rude if you aren't polite. There are specific prefixes and suffixes for names of acquaintances, parents, friends, siblings, etc. You might want to brush up on these customs as well.

    I don't think looking Asian and not understanding the regular customs will be much of an issue. I'm sure they encounter Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean people often simply due to the proximity of the countries.

    I see no reason why your dream can't become a reality... but I would highly suggest that you learn more before you pack up and go. Best of luck, I hop you can make it.

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    Just as posted before..Japan is just another place..

    You may probably land a job as English Instructor..for nursing career..there is not much option but to start over to study Nippongo to qualified and more examinations to look forward.

    It is a good idea to visit the place first and decide later, as there are many job options waiting for you in other countries like USA and Canada.

    Forget about what they think about you,, just be aware anywhere you go there's always people that would think strange about you when you are not in your own it's just part of it. Even a Japanese citizen that was born in another country and speak fluent English and lived in Japan still struggling Nippongo is considered weird..don't you think so?

    Offending someone or being offended? it's about how you'll deal with these things later, the more you get used to the country and people, the more you'll fit.

    Keep planning ahead and hope you'll make it there...

    You're young and it is the time for you to travel and plan for your career ahead.. even you can't make it in have better options in other countries... that is reality.

    Go for it, Girl!

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    They won't think you're rude. They're among the most polite people. They'll know an "outsider" but they won't be offended. Once you live there you'll probably just get used to it and fit in.

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    They will consider you to be Asian. In their eyes, Japanese are not Asian--Asians are from poor countries. Filipinas are treated with disrespect in that many of them fill menial positions(e.g. nanny) or are "entertainers"(sex workers). No amount of convincing will make people think otherwise. That's the straight dope, kid.

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    Not exactly flattering but good info to know before you go.

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