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do you know the exact price of ipods?all versions.?

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    I don't know all of them, but I do know most of them. I'll list highest price to lowest price.

    1. 3rd Generation iPod (the old one with the four buttons above the wheel) $400 (I've seen only this one)

    2. iPod video, $250-$400 depending on source and hard drive size

    3. iPod nano 2nd Generation (colors) $200

    4. iPod mini $150-$300

    5. iPod nano (1st Generation - Black and White) $100-$150

    6. iPod shuffle 2nd Generation (White) $79

    7. iPod shuffle 1st Generation (Silver) $50-$100

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    different versions have different prices. go to and click on one of the category tabs.

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