can a uniform ring keep rotating if no force act on it shouldnt it stop eventually?

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    1 decade ago
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    If something is in motion, then it requires a force to bring it to a stop. In our experience, this force is usually friction, which is a stationary object applying force on the moving object.

    To answer your question, if no force acts on your moving ring, it will move forever.

  • lefang
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    1 decade ago

    Commander Gerald Carr answered that question and proved the relevent theory when he took into space a model gyroscope,he set it spinning and it remained spinning for the lengh of his journey into space about seven days,only stopping on his and the crafts re entry into our gravity,essentialy a gyroscope is a model of the earth with only two points in contact and the speed of the plane needed to exert force and overcome the gravitational force exerted upon that plane is around 2300 revolutions per minute, once you remove the gravity and friction of contact then there is nothing to stop the rotation of that plane, for evidence see viz news footage skylab 1972. regards LF

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    4 years ago

    First, what you describe is impossible...there are continually frictional forces (e.g., drag, kinetic, static, viscosity) appearing on inertial mass of any style. So, there is additionally some thing there to decelerate a shifting mass no count what its shape. 2d, Newt's rules say as quickly as a mass gets shifting, it remains shifting interior the comparable way (rotation, linear, despite) until a internet tension on it adjustments that action (which comprise bringing it to a halt). So, accepting the impossible (frictionless action), your ring will rotate continuously as quickly because it relatively is started. 0.33, centripetal tension interior the hoop is strictly offset with the aid of centrifugal tension because of the replace in tangential speed (and consequently acceleration) at each and each "particle" or element interior the hoop. consequently, there is no internet tension here to alter the hoop's rotational speed. No, i do no longer think of there is something (different than certainty) to quit that ring.

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    no if no force acts on a ring then it wont's stop because it is always balanced by centrifugal and centripetial force


    is centifugal force and according to newton's 3rd law centripetial force acts opposite to it and balances the ring

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  • oldguy
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    1 decade ago

    if there were absolutely no force acting on it, it should rotate indefinitely. if it stops eventually, that means there was a force acting on it, even if it's hardly detectable, usually friction

  • Well, when there is absoulutely no force to stop it (e.g. Friction, Gravity, etc) then it wont. The stopping of objects occurs mainly because of friction

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    I hope not, I thought that was what our planet has been doing for the last 100 million years (or 2000 some years if you want to be Christian-friedly).

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