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Have completed my BBA and MBA from a local University and now i want to go abroad for doing some additional on

any advices or courses and the fees which i will have to pay plus if there are scholarships or financing programs

i have completed my MBa in marketing from pakistan and would like to persue further studuies in marketing/advertising and media

urgently require advices

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    Answering from an Australian perspective I must first say that an MBA from Pakistan may not be recognised as equivalent to an MBA in Australia. Usually MBAs in Australia are on 3 tiers with four subjects in each tier. The admissions officer will determine how much credit you would get towards an MBA. In this respect you might have to apply to get into a masters rather than go for your doctorate. There are also Graduate Diplomas in all sorts of subjects. Usually these courses are self funding but there are some governent funded scholarships which are available depending on what country you are from. You need to google these programs (Ausaid for Australia) and and apply for them.

    I also think there is a book published somewhere which lists all the scholarships available in America etc. Try going to your local university's student services office.

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): Used to work with International students at a university.
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