how can I get rid of acne without any sign?

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    Sit back... this is a LONG answer, but I wanted to help you out! I know it can be frustrating. This REALLY works!! There are 4 people sent me an email saying to me that it worked for them!! This was also been chosen by 12 members to be the best answer because it worked for them too!! Proof, see my best answers!!

    Gather all materials beforehand -- see "Things You'll Need" below. You might want to store them in a waterproof resealable bag, such as Ziploc. I'd recommend wearing either old clothes or a bathrobe over whatever you are wearing. There is a definite possibility this is going to spill. After you have found everything on you checklist, head to a large, flat, waterproof surface. This is probably your bathroom. Having this room be private is highly advised; you can't just say, "Get out, I'm flattening a pimple," can you?

    Things You'll Need

    - 3 or more cotton balls

    - Lukewarm tap water

    - Cup to hold the water in

    - Salt

    The Method

    1. Salt the water thoroughly -- much more than you think it needs.

    2. Dip one cotton ball in the salt water.

    3. Wait for 30 - 60 seconds.

    4. Squeeze out excess water out until it is damp, but not dripping.

    5. Place the damp cotton ball over your large, oh-my-goodness-I-cannot-go-to-... zit. If you have several of these grouped together, try to place the cotton ball over them all.

    6. Glance at your watch/clock. Wait exactly three minutes.

    7. Remove the cotton ball after the time is up. The zit seems to be nearly gone, but it is only the top that has dissolved. Your acne is still there.

    8. Take the other two cotton balls and place them on either side of the despised pimple.

    9. Slowly, move them closer together until the tiny bump is flattened. Congrats! You've just conquered that giant of a pimple -- forever!

    10. Apply honey on the infected area & go to sleep!!


    *Don't forget the last 3 steps -- they are crucial.

    *Be sure to follow these steps closely. Dipping a cottonball in fresh water as opposed to salt will not work, for instants.

    * You might want to bring a book -- either waterproof or one that you do not care about being splattered in water. Those three minutes can get boring.

    * This is your best bet for monster zits that simply sneak up on you. For long-term healthy skin, cleansing and toning is also important.


    * Please, PLEASE, do not assume this is permission to "pop" pimples. Doing so can cause major scarring. Please don't pop them.

    * If you stop after the top is dissolved, I must warn you: it WILL come back! Maybe not in the next five minutes, but during the course of an hour, it will come back!

    If you feel new pimples erupting, ice it! Hold an ice cube over the area for about 5-10 minutes. It REALLY works!!!

    Or you can try applying Head & Shoulder Shampoo. It works like a charm!! For more info on this..

    If you have too many pimples/whiteheads/blackheads/... I recommend you to try Carley's Clear & Smooth!! It's CHEAPER & BETTER than Proactive!! People are raving about this product!! Read their feedbacks/reviews!!


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    If you've already tried most of the 'home' treatments, like a good routine in washing your face, try visiting your family doctor. Don't be embarrassed to ask them for help. A lot of people think acne is just a teenager's bane and will easily tell you to 'just get over it', but I know how hard it can be, especially on your self esteem. The doctor will be able to tell if it's just a case of some spots or actual acne. Together you can find a treatment for this.

    If it IS acne, chances are you will not grow over it, like many people told me when I was younger. With acne, you can keep your face sqeeucky clean and still have an extremely spotty skin.

    My doctor first perscribed me some creams to try out and I started taking the Diana 35 pill which took the intensity of the acne down a little.After I've tried nearly every treatment available to him, he finally send me to a dermatologist (this was a process of years, from my 16th till 24th).

    The dermatologist first tried to treat with me antibiotics and after that didn't work I got a 6 month treatment of a very heavy medication called Roaccutane. The last got me rid of my 10 year long torture. Been acne-free for a year now!

    Good luck and hang in there

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    That's a good question? find the solution and you will be a very rich chick, you can't completely get rid of acne, the best way to go is Laser treatment, and some people are very lucky and are left with hardly an marks. It all depends on your level of acne, if your acne is not to bad then try Demagogic products. f your acne is bad then try treating from within with homeopathic remedy's, i have never thought the pill was a good idea for getting rid of acne, but some will disagree failing all that try laser treatment, but this is expensive. In the meantime drink plenty of water. Your skin and well body for that matter changes it's cycle every 7 years it could clear up with age, to reduce being left with scarring, never pick or squeeze your spots. Please not there is a difference between ACNE and the removal of SPOTS. You need to treat the problem not just how to banish the odd zit.

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    I have 14 simple steps for you:

    1. Don't pick, press, rub, or otherwise manipulate your pimples. If you do, you risk spreading the bacteria and increasing the chances of scarring.

    2. Use an over-the-counter product containing benzoyl peroxide once or twice a day. It helps break up the plug of dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil that clogs the pore and forms an acne blemish. And it cuts down on the bacteria, too. Start with the lowest concentration, and work your way up.

    3. Try over-the-counter products containing sulfur or resorcinol, which help unplug oil glands by irritating the skin. However, most dermatologists believe that benzoyl peroxide is the most effective over-the-counter ingredient for acne.

    4. Don't just spot-treat acne; put the product on acne-prone areas, too. That can include your entire face (avoid the lips and eyes), back, and chest.

    5. Go easy on your face. Washing removes oils from the surface of the skin, not from within the plugged ducts. In fact, if you're too aggressive in your quest for cleanliness, you may end up drying out or irritating the sensitive skin on your face.

    6. Wash properly once or twice a day, using a mild soap, and rub lightly with your fingertips and warm water. If your skin is oily, use a soap with benzoyl peroxide for its drying properties.

    7. Don't use brushes, rough sponges, cleansers with granules or walnut hulls, or anything similar on the delicate facial skin.

    8. Don't use oily products, such as hair pomades, heavy oil-based facial moisturizers, or oily cleansers.

    9. Use water-based make-up.

    10. Don't get a facial. You may end up doing more harm than good.

    11. Don't rest your chin on your hands or constantly touch your face.

    12. Protect your skin from cancer and wrinkles without aggravating your acne by choosing an oil- free sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.

    13. Don't worry about what you eat, unless you notice a correlation between a particular food and your skin breaking out.

    14. Watch out for iodine, which can be found in multiple vitamins and iodized salt. Some doctors believe iodine may encourage acne.

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    u must be a teenager don't worry this is normal. when i was ur age, i was furious about it, but i discovered that the best solution after many deadly trials :) is to wash ur face with water only, don't touch them at all coz this may get them to spread all over ur face, apply a moisterising cream in the morning after washing ur face, and never apply it before u go to bed coz this would make ur skin oily , encouraging their spread,and be patient with the result. ur face won't be 100%pure and nothing could get u such a result, and dont u ever try any chemicals !!! hope i was of some use

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    wash your face daily.& use a good Moisturizer

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