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is it possible for me to ever find a knew parter and be as ???

happy as I once was with my last parter?The reaon being It makes me sad to go on with my life and accept the reallity of things wich is realising that it is over between me and my ex boyfriend and I have to move on wiyh my life......MAKES ME SAD .REAL SAD

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    you will find a new partner, he is somewhere out there, you just have 2 follow your heart desire, i wish u good luck!

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    You know, there's a cliche which I always use, "When one door closes, another one opens." State of mind is extremely important:

    If you think you won't find happiness, you won't!

    If you think you won't find someone special, you won't!

    If you think you'll fail, you will!

    Be optimistic.

    My Mum was my only living relative and 2 months after she died, my partner walked out on me to further her career.

    Was I gloomy, you bet?

    But life goes on and I got my a$$ into gear and got on with things. I still miss my Mum but my life hasn't been all that bad in the 19 years since that happened.

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    girl, move on there are lots of good guys out there that you deserve!

    cheerup! go party with your friends and keep yourself busy in order to forget him! date other men and have some fun

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    u will find a new partner,u just have to follow your heart

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