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What do you use to clean the inside of a refrigerator?

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    You can clean your fridge with vinegar & water or bleach & water. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and deodorizers; I use vinegar & water to clean my fridge, microwave, sinks, mop floors with it, and sometimes I use in my washing machine.

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    I fill a spray bottle with bleach water. That way if anything leaked, like in the meat drawer it kills the bacteria, which in turn can cause nasty odors. If some odors still linger I spray with vanilla and water (I use pure vanilla so I add water to it) and I let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it out

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    Baking Soda and if all food is removed spray with Lysol around the gaskets. That is where mold starts to form. I have doing that for thirty five years and still around o tell yo about that.

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    Scrub Free bathroom cleaner. I use it for everything. you empty the fridge, spray it in there and wipe it out. then wipe with a clean rag if you want. that stuff cleans everything so well.

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    I use Vanilla fridge spray it smell lovely and i dont just use it for the fridge but on most surfaces. I live in australia so im not sure if you get it from if your not from oz, if your are coles or woolworthes do.

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    use the vanilla spray , for killing germs little bit of warm water and vinegar, after doing that for odour u put charcoal not burning just cold charcoal it will absorb all the strange adour from ur fridge

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    orange cleaner or Clorox Clean Up

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    backing soda and water works well youcan add some fregerance to this like vinillia or cituris

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    baking soda

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    My kids!

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