Nok 5500, LG chocolate, Moto KRZR K1, Nok 7390?

what would you choose and why? Style and features should be concerned

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do not get the LG Chocolate or Moto KRZR. They're both terrible phones.

    Out of all of the ones that you have listed, the Nokia 7390 is the strongest out of all of them boasting a 3 MP camera, 3G, music player, expandable memory, and everything else you would expect from a medium to highend phone. It's also not bad to look at. The 7390 is part of Nokia's fashion line and I would say, it's one of the stronger ones. A lot of the phones' features from the fashion line are hindered by their design. It is a bit bulky though.

    Next comes the Nokia 5500 and the KRZR tied in second followed by Chocolate in third.

    I don't know much about the 5500. It looks like an okay phone though. Looking at its specifications, the 5500 looks like another good, solid Nokia phone.

    The KRZR's not bad, but coming from Motorola, its expectations aren't very high. Motorola's known for making pretty flimsy phones. The KRZR is definitely an attempt by Moto to bring back the success of their RAZR line (which was pretty bad in my opinion).

    Chocolate's a beautiful phone, but it's pretty lowend in terms of technology. It doesn't have half the features that phones today are expected to have--expandable memory, 2MP+ camera, etc. I would think it's the phone version of say...Paris Hilton. Pretty on the outside but pretty empty and talentless within. And of course, benefits from good marketing campaign.

    Nokia's phones are pretty solid in performance. I would go with the 7390.

  • mandi
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    4 years ago

    The Chocolate SUCKS! it truly is terrible for historic past noise dealing with to the caller besides because the controls on the suitable get bumped by your face. I easily have the Razr and prefer it, my ex has the Chocolate and that i hate talking to him on it a lot less utilizing it if desire be. i does not recommend it to each person.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I gave my daughter a brand new LG chocolate for christmas but she said she already had one she won from some online offer. So my nephews tried it out and one of them won one as well. Here is the link: . I was shocked all you had to do is put in your email.

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