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Was Saddam proud when he was hanged?

In the news they said Saddam did not cover his head when he was executed but they didnt say if he was proud.

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    No he was disappointed that he would not be shot

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    I don't think he was, if you see the video, the moment they put the noose around his neck, you could see the look of sheer terror in his eyes. I don't believe that anyone, no matter how crazy they are, can be proud at a moment of death. I can only imagine what was going thru his mine, probably scared $h!tless, wondering if it's going to hurt, how long will it take, knowing this is that last few moments of his life. The man was crazy, but I am a strong believer of not using the death penalties, 2 wrongs do not make a right, and for you to **** with a persons head with death is worse than him killing all those innocent people, no matter how many people he killed, he did not do it in a way where they sat and dwelled on it. Death Penalty is just the worst psychological game you can play with someone.

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    i believe saddam hussein was in fact proud in what he did, even know he was a nasty man, he had his beliefs and he followed what he believed even tho others condemned him. news released on al jazeera said that he was actually taunting people that were at the fore front of the gallows so he fought to the very end.

    now that saddam is gone how about they turn there attention to george w bush, if anything hes the biggest threat this world has. hes forever sticking his nose in where it shouldnt be, and ask urself why is america actually in the middle east??? ill tell u why.... power,money and of course oil it all comes down to greed

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    In my opinion, Saddam was attempting to be "proud" all of the times that he was in court! Why else would he yell at the judge all of those times, and be defiant all of those times-? I think that he knew that he would be executed, so he was trying to project the image of being a "martyr" even from his first days of being on trial. The execution was just the end of the road of him acting like a "proud martyr," in my opinion.

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    Saddam knew from the time the administration refused to accept his unconditional acceptance of the US stipulations, before the war started, that he would be executed.

    He was not proud, but I believe simply accepting his fate. He had made deals with the devil and the time had come for payment to be made.

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    Saddam whether proud or humbled has been executed.

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    I watched it on ALJAZ he tried very hard

    because he believes he did the right things

    It is a god awful area political violence is the norm

    he did a lot of good stuff

    but 3 distinct groups with long history of war

    it was in my opinion never going to work

    I think he was terrified but trying not to show

    it, besides it is a lot about face down there

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    he was proud

    cuz he knew that he was correct

    god bless his soul

    we all will die

    f u think that Saddam is guilty?

    what do u think about Bush , Sharon ? ( all crimes they did )

    and they never been in court for justice ?

    hah ? what do u think?

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    A man with his ego he probably was. I also think he was some what disappointed he wasn't executed by a firing squad as he requested.

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    Not that I am "judging" him or anything, but I was thinking that you might try e-mailing H.E.L.L., someone down there might know. Of course, they might be busy with the welcoming ceremony they give to all their best devils.

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    I am sure the fool was proud.I know that hanging is something he didn't want to happen.Oh well...too bad!! I am GLAD it's done and over!

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