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is it possible for me to ever find a knew parter and be as ???

happy as I once was with my last parter?The reaon being It makes me sad to go on with my life and accept the reallity of things wich is realising that it is over between me and my ex boyfriend and I have to move on wiyh my life......MAKES ME SAD .REAL SAD

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    Find a guy who is big down there. That should make you happy.

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    Happiness is a feeling from your state of mind. Only you can make yourself happy or sad or any otner feeling.

    If you do not expect too much, then it will be easier for you to feel satisfied and happy. It goes to show therefore, that if you concentrate more on the positive side of situations and other people's behaviour, then it will be easier for you to be happy.

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    I know the feeling but trust me you will be happy again. I broke up with my boyfriend (whom I thought I loved with all my heart) everything was going good in the relationship but he had a decision to make and I intend for him to stick with it. When you meet someone you will realize you didn't love him as much as you thought you did. Happiness is just around the corner - trust me I know.

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    you make me sad to birdie ,but you have to move on ,you dont know what life will throw at you .but be ready to catch it when it comes your way

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