In Aveyond how do you proceed and find all the druids?

I am stuck at a point n the memory caves and i cant find a glass bottle to capture the fairies. Plus in the ice caverns the slimy creatures keep capturing and killing me. How do i make the game go further?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    have you saved any druids? if not then you are not far enough to get a bottle or travel in the ice caves.

    The first druid to save is lands end temple which is past wild wood (where you should have defeated the hind to graduate from school and have elini join your group) there are two caves towards the west of this area, one has and ogre and a bone, the other a river to cross that you need a sacrifice (use the bone to distract the dog to the east of the area, and plant pomegranite in the garden) After you save this druid you get the key to halloween hills.

    The second druid is in halloween hills under the vampires cathedral (don't stake any vampires until you have completed this task).

    Then go from there. As you complete quests you will unlock more areas, get a boat for yourself to explore more, and find more temples and more quests. Hopefully this will get you started.

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